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Utilize a model for work classification based on sentiment prediction in Dynamics 365

Introduction Work items can be routed using artificial intelligence (AI)-based sentiment predictions in Microsoft’s Unified Routing for Dynamics 365. Let’s say the user begins a customer service conversation via the customer service admin center and notices that the customer is really unhappy. By using this feature, the user could direct the customer to a particular… Read More »

Unleashing the Power of ‘isDefaultPrevented()’ method in Dynamics 365

Introduction Dynamics 365 forms offer a powerful platform for customizing user interactions and logic using JavaScript. One often overlooked gem in this toolbox is the isDefaultPrevented() method. This little powerhouse is key to unlocking intricate control over your form’s save behavior, leading to smoother workflows and enhanced user experiences. The isDefaultPrevented() method is available on… Read More »

Gamification in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM – Set goals, Make them fun, and Everyone wins!

Gone are the days of hard work and labor, it’s now the age of smart work. And with technology and scientific advancement, everything has become possible. A decade ago, gamification of daily mundane tasks of the regular work cycle was unheard of. But now, Gamification has become the new norm. To improve employee engagement, motivate… Read More »

How to Add Users and Sync Profile Information in Dataverse Instantly (On Demand)

Introduction: I was creating a user in one of the online trial environment 2021 Release wave 2 (version V9.2) from Office 365 admin center but somehow it was not appearing in users area in Power Platform admin center even after waiting for few hours. It was then that I found this doc which explains how… Read More »

Explore the new “Open Folder” button within Dynamics 365 CRM to open SharePoint site – Document Management gets more flexible!

Attach2Dynamics – a Preferred App on Microsoft AppSource – is a one stop solution for managing documents/attachments in multiple cloud storages from within Dynamics 365 CRM/Power Apps. SharePoint, Dropbox or Azure Blob Storage – Attach2Dynamics makes it possible for you to store and manage Dynamics 365 CRM attachments in any or all of these cloud… Read More »

Enhance Personal Settings in Dynamic 365 CE

Introduction In this blog, we have explained how to create an Email template and Email signature in UCI. Earlier, this feature was not present in UCI as shown in the below screenshot, but now it is available in the 2021 Wave 1 release. Feature Details 1. Personal settings are moved to a dedicated area switcher… Read More »

How to use Color Picker and Custom Theme in Portal Designer In Dynamics 365 PowerApps Portals

The PowerApps Portal is a game-changer in Dynamics 365 CRM that allows capabilities to integrate the Power Apps Portal with Dynamics 365 environment. In addition, it allows customers to see their records like Customer Information, Invoices, etc. The major part of PowerApps Portal is the intuitive and user-friendly UI. Microsoft also enhances the Portals in… Read More »

How to Add an Existing Record into a Subgrid in Dynamics 365 CRM Using EasyRepro

Introduction EasyRepro provides automatic testing in Dynamics 365 CRM. It also gives the power to interact with Subgrid of Dynamics 365 CRM. However, it carries some limitations along with its benefits, like adding an existing record in the Subgrid, which we are going to cover up in this blog. We will show you a generic… Read More »