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Document Management within Microsoft Teams streamlined with Dynamics 365 CRM Integration!

In every business, effective communication with clients and potential customers, along with real-time access and management of pertinent documents and data, is essential. Microsoft Teams serves as a robust solution, facilitating smooth collaboration and communication among team members and external collaborators. However, specific attention is required for file management within Microsoft Teams. Built upon SharePoint… Read More »

Simplifying Attachment Management and Reducing Storage Costs in Dynamics 365 CRM with Attach2Dynamics New Release!

Attach2Dynamics has been a game-changer for Dynamics 365 CRM users, providing seamless integration with popular cloud storage solutions like SharePoint, Azure Blob Storage, and Dropbox. We are delighted and honoured by the continuous positive feedback and 5-star ratings on Microsoft AppSource for Attach2Dynamics. And we also hear feature requests and improvement feedback as well. At… Read More »

Free up Dynamics CRM storage space by moving notes and attachments to SharePoint, Azure Blob Storage, or Dropbox!

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, businesses use notes and attachments as a way to capture and organize important information related to their customers and business processes. Notes allow users to record free-form text about a particular record, such as a customer or sales opportunity, while Dynamics 365 CRM attachments enable users to upload and associate… Read More »

Fix storage space issues within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM using Attach2Dynamics!

Organizations using Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM generate a considerable quantity of data daily. Although Dynamics 365 CRM subscription provides 20 GB of total storage and 2 GB of data per licensed user, the storage capacity becomes woefully inadequate as your business scales. Buying additional capacity is expensive. Currently, CRM database storage costs £33.91 per GB… Read More »

Document Management Solution for your Dynamics 365 CRM – How to choose the better one?

In both personal and professional lives we like being organized, neat and tidy. No one likes to leave one’s home or office space in clutter. The famous phrase – A place for everything and everything in its place – aptly captures this sentiment. The same principle applies when it comes to managing documents/attachments in Dynamics… Read More »

Free up storage space and a smart way to manage Dynamics 365 CRM documents – Attach2Dynamics is what you need!

Data management plays an important role in every organization. Every day there is a significant amount of data generated in your CRM in the form of Notes, Email, their attachments, etc. Therefore, it becomes necessary to establish a methodical process for managing this ever increasing mound of digital data in your CRM. For this, you… Read More »

Explore the new “Open Folder” button within Dynamics 365 CRM to open SharePoint site – Document Management gets more flexible!

Attach2Dynamics – a Preferred App on Microsoft AppSource – is a one stop solution for managing documents/attachments in multiple cloud storages from within Dynamics 365 CRM/Power Apps. SharePoint, Dropbox or Azure Blob Storage – Attach2Dynamics makes it possible for you to store and manage Dynamics 365 CRM attachments in any or all of these cloud… Read More »

Free up Dynamics 365 CRM storage Space, Manage Attachments, Ensure data security – Multiple benefits with one app SharePoint Security Sync!

Managing attachments/documents in Dynamics 365 CRM/Power Apps is a crucial task. You never know when or what information you may need. And it is always easier to get any information if it is organized and stored systematically. But what if you lack space to store these attachments? And you need to store confidential information in… Read More »