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How to assign security role to a Form programmatically in Dynamics 365 CRM

Introduction In Dynamics 365 we can update security role of Form through customization. You have to just follow the given steps: Go to Setting → Customization → Customize the System → Components → Entities → Forms Open Form and click on “Enable Security Roles” in Home tab to Assign Security Role to selected Form. However, in… Read More »

How to manage security roles for Apps in Dynamics 365 v9.0

Introduction: With the release of Dynamics 365 Microsoft has brought many new exciting features, one of them is common user interface across all devices. The core idea behind this feature is to bring a single client technology to cover all the different UI’s across devices. Web, Outlook, Mobile, Tablet. In this blog, we will see… Read More »

Views show no records – Double check Field Level Security in Dynamics 365/CRM

Apart from Security roles that allow controlling record level access, Dynamics 365/CRM also supports Field Level Security that allows you to control access to individual fields. Using Field Level Security, you can control ‘Read’, ‘Update’ and ‘Create’ access. If a user does not have “Read” access to a particular field, a lot of your processes… Read More »

Insufficient Permissions Error on Assigning a record in Dynamics 365

Introduction While working on one of our client requirement, we came across with one interesting scenario about security roles access level setup for Read and Assign privileges, which leads to errors on Dynamics CRM forms. Scenario: The requirement was to allow a user with specific security role in Dynamics CRM say “Salesperson” to assign lead… Read More »

Tip – Manage access to Price Lists in Dynamics CRM

Introduction: Access to entities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM aka Dynamics 365 Sales is controlled through Security Roles. Using the robust Security framework of CRM you can not only manage access per record but also per action and field 🙂 Advanced Security configuration can also support hierarchy security and control access to records for multiple users in… Read More »

Enable Auditing with Office 365 Security & Compliance Center

Introduction: One of the most important needs of an enterprise application is maintaining Audit Log. Dynamics CRM has been supporting auditing for a while now. You need to enable Auditing at the org levelAnd then at the individual entity and attribute level to decide the fields that you want audited.Have you ever thought of maintaining… Read More »

Connect with People Using Office 365 Groups in Dynamics CRM Online

Introduction: Office 365 Groups is one of the interesting and useful feature introduced in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. It is a fine collaboration of CRM user and non-CRM user. Users can share emails, documents, files, etc. with their group members even if they do not have CRM access. This blog will discuss about the installation… Read More »

Security Enhancement in Dynamics CRM 2015

An additional feature has been added in Security Model with the 2015 release. This is an extension to the existing security model in which we use business units, security roles and teams. The hierarchy security offers a more access to records from an organization. You can maintain the hierarchy with two different types of security… Read More »