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Execute Different Web API Operations using PowerApps Portals (Preview)

Introduction In the recent release, Microsoft has provided an ability using which we can perform different CRUD operations using Portals WEB API. The operations will run on the server-side and are similar to Dynamics Web API Operations. The only difference is in the way it is written and called in PowerApps Portals. If you have… Read More »

How to use Color Picker and Custom Theme in Portal Designer In Dynamics 365 PowerApps Portals

The PowerApps Portal is a game-changer in Dynamics 365 CRM that allows capabilities to integrate the Power Apps Portal with Dynamics 365 environment. In addition, it allows customers to see their records like Customer Information, Invoices, etc. The major part of PowerApps Portal is the intuitive and user-friendly UI. Microsoft also enhances the Portals in… Read More »