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Validate FetchXml by using ValidateFetchXmlExpression WebAPI function in the script

Introduction: In a recent project, we retrieved Dynamics 365 CRM data using WebAPI and fetchXml expressions. In most cases, we create fetchXml expressions, where we add attributes and filter conditions dynamically in the fetchXml.  When we execute our dynamically created fetchXml expressions, it fails with  different error messages. Here we had come across a requirement… Read More »

Configuring Dataverse Search in Dynamics 365 CRM

Introduction: Recently when I was exploring the searching feature of Dynamics 365 sales, I came across “Dataverse Search” feature introduced in 2021 release wave 2. Previously “Relevance search” feature was introduced which is now replaced with “Dataverse Search” along with some additional features. You can refer our previous blog which explains about “Relevance search” and… Read More »

Execute Different Web API Operations using PowerApps Portals (Preview)

Introduction In the recent release, Microsoft has provided the ability using which we can perform different CRUD operations using Portals WEB API. The operations will run at server-side and are similar to Dynamics Web API Operations but the difference is in the way it is written and called in PowerApps Portals. If you have a… Read More »

How to perform multiple CRUD operations using executeMultiple Web API Request in Dynamics 365 CRM

Introduction In this blog, we will learn how to perform multiple CRUD operations in a single Web API request using executeMultiple function. Currently, if we perform the CRUD operation on Dynamics 365 CRM then there is a need to fire the API request to each CRUD API operation. But with the help of executeMultiple we… Read More »

Execute Action with ColumnSet(ComplexType) type parameter Using in Dynamics 365 CRM V9.0

Introduction Microsoft has introduced to execute an action in Dynamics CRM version 9.0. In our last blog we have seen how to Execute action using in Dynamics CRM. In this blog we will see how to execute action with “ColumnSet(ComplexType)” type property. Here we are executing “GenerateQuoteFromOpportunity” action for sample purpose as this action contains… Read More »

Execute a workflow using method via JavaScript in Dynamics 365 CRM v9

Introduction In this blog, we are going to create a request using ExecuteWorkflow action and would execute the request that would execute a custom workflow. This approach would eliminate the need to create an Ajax request and is supported across web client, UCI and Mobile. For demonstration purpose, we have created a custom workflow. This… Read More »

One way to overcome “429” error (concurrent requests limit exceeded error) in Dynamics 365 CRM Web API

Introduction With JavaScript, we have real-time interaction with Dynamics 365. Microsoft gives us feasibility to use CRM Web API in JavaScript to perform operations such as Create, Update, Delete, Retrieve, etc. But there is a limitation on the number of API requests made by each user, per organization instance, within a five-minute sliding window. Please… Read More »

Retrieval of Many-to-Many (N:N) Relationship Records using Web API in Dynamics 365

Introduction In this blog we will learn to retrieve Dynamic CRM entity records in respect of Many to Many relationships between two Dynamic CRM entities (OOB/Custom). So let’s take a look at the following example: In the below screeshot, there is one Many-to-Many relationship present between Account and Territory Entity of Dynamic CRM. One Territory… Read More »