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How to hide Ribbon Bar options

Introduction: Recently we added a PCF Control for our entity which didn’t have any interaction with ribbon bar options. Hence, we wanted to hide the ribbon bar options like commandbar, viewSelector, quickfind and groupby. We achieved this by setting the following properties in ControlManifest file: cds-data-set-options=”displayCommandBar:false;displayViewSelector:false;displayQuickFind:false;displayGroupBy:false;” Given below is the PCF Control for our grid… Read More »

Copy Agreement ribbon button on Agreement entity in Dynamics 365 for Field Service

Introduction Field Service delivers end to end customer centric experience that helps to organize and manage service agreement, keeping track of assets, inventory management, identifying resources and allocation of work orders to resources. Managing Service Agreements is also a crucial part in Field Service. One good feature provided in Field Service is “Copy Agreement” button… Read More »

Trigger Microsoft Flow on click of custom ribbon button in Dynamics 365

Introduction: In this blog, we will discuss a workaround for triggering Microsoft flow via Dynamics 365 custom ribbon button. For this, We would place a hidden two option field on form and then we would toggle its value to true via custom ribbon button and save the record, we would need to keep the triggering point of… Read More »

Modify OOB ribbon button for Specific Activity Type Entity

Introduction: We recently had a business requirement where we wanted to hide the ‘Mark Complete’ OOB button from the home page of Activity entity. However, we wanted to hide this button for Service Activity entity and not for other activity types like Task, Appointment, Email, etc. ‘Mark Complete’ is a button on the Home Page… Read More »

Hide Add Button on a Subgrid by Applying Custom JavaScript Rule

Recently we came across a scenario where we needed to show and hide the subgrid add button on satisfaction of a certain condition. We had to take the help of Ribbon Workbench to achieve the same. Working: Install Ribbon workbench in your Dynamics CRM/365. Create a solution with the entity whose subgrid button you want… Read More »

Display Rules to show/hide ribbon buttons in Dynamics CRM for Mobiles and Tablets

Introduction Microsoft added a support for CRM on Mobile and Tablet devices since CRM online fall 2013. In every next release, Microsoft has been adding new enhancements in this area. You can access your CRM through CRM app or access it on tablet browsers. But have you ever noticed that the button that were added… Read More »

Adding Custom Button on Security area in Dynamics CRM 2015

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Security area is introduced which contains entities such as Users, Security Roles and Teams which were present in Administration area in previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In this blog we are going to show how we can add Custom Buttons on Application Ribbon of Security area through Ribbon Workbench.… Read More »