Adding Custom Button on Security area in Dynamics CRM 2015

By | August 14, 2015

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Security area is introduced which contains entities such as Users, Security Roles and Teams which were present in Administration area in previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

In this blog we are going to show how we can add Custom Buttons on Application Ribbon of Security area through Ribbon Workbench.

Take a scenario in which we want to add a custom button “Manage Users” to the application ribbon which will be shown only on Security area.custom-button

To achieve this, first we have created a new solution and added Application Ribbon to that solution from Add Existing option.custom-button1

After adding the Application ribbon to the solution we have opened the ribbon editor and selected the solution.

Then we have added a button named “Manage Users” to the application ribbon in Home Page of Ribbon workbench.custom-button2

Once we add the button, we need to add display rule to restrict the button from being visible on any other pages except for security.

We have created a display rule which is of the type Page Rule for that button.custom-button4

We have added the URL of the Security Area Page in Address field.

The URL of Security area:  /tools/AdminSecurity/adminsecurity_area.aspxcustom-button5

The XML of  Display rule :


<DisplayRule Id=”new.ApplicationRibbon.ManageUsers.DisplayRule”>

<PageRule Address=”/tools/AdminSecurity/adminsecurity_area.aspx” />



After completing all above steps publish the changes.

Now the custom button “Manage User” is visible on the application ribbon which is shown for Security area only.custom-button5

The same custom button “Manage User” is not visible on any other areas such as Administration Area.custom-button6

Note: Likewise, we can also use same approach to show custom button on the application ribbon for any other area of CRM like Administration area (URL:  /tools/Admin/admin.aspx) etc.

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