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New Release: Business Process Checklist app for streamlining business processes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Effective business process management results in increased user productivity by 30-50% and increased success rate of projects by 70%. Effective business process management is a backbone of any organization. A well-structured business process takes everything into consideration viz costs, productivity, the value generated for customers and stakeholders, and overall ROI. Once the sales manager/administrator creates… Read More »

Configuring custom views for Inboxes through Agent Experience Profile within Dynamics 365 CRM

In the recent rollout of wave 2 this year, Microsoft has come up with various enhancements and features as a continuous value addition to the business of Dynamics 365 across the globe. There are times when the system administrator preferably looks for a way to come up with something which could let him setup configurable… Read More »

Happy Thanksgiving: let’s express the gratitude we normally forget to!

Scholars who have dedicated their lives to the study of Human Behavior suggest that while the word ‘want’ has been freely strewn around in every conversation, the word ‘Thank You’ is used pretty frugally. They also observed that the demands being fulfilled were accepted quickly while gratitude and acknowledgment needed to be forced. History suggests… Read More »

Segmentation in Real-Time Marketing within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

In this blog, we will see one of the features introduced in Dynamics 365 Marketing. Creating segments is a key aspect of improving marketing return on investment. The logic builder in Dynamics 365 makes it easier to create segments right within the real-time marketing area. This easy-to-use feature does not require any specified knowledge of… Read More »

Create custom push alerts and notifications using Alerts4Dynamics in your Dynamics 365 for phones app

With mobile CRM solutions like Dynamic 365 for phones, salespeople can access customer data within seconds. But, in this fast-paced, competitive market, is just having a mobile CRM sufficient? Is accessing your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM records on your phone enough? What about the losses that businesses incur due to communication delays? A survey of… Read More »

3 Key Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Implementation Essentials Addressed

Implementing a CRM has been a challenge for organizations because of the layers of changes it brings with itself. As per statistics, almost 70% of CRM implementation projects fail. But as the saying goes, “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently”- Henry Ford Also, the benefits of a successful implementation… Read More »