Ability to customize Case Resolution Form now available with 2020 Release Wave 1

By | April 15, 2020

With every release Microsoft brings some new features and it is the same case in this 2020 wave 1 release. In this 2020 wave 1 release, Microsoft has given us the ability to Customize Case Resolution FORM. Earlier, it was not feasible with OOB field required level properties or Business Rules to customize case resolution form or make ‘Remarks’ field mandatory on the case resolution form. So, we had to write a custom plugin which triggers on submission of Case Resolution form and applies field’s validation. And if the field doesn’t contain data then it stops submitting case resolution and shows message to user from plugin to enter required data. Now, this was some lengthy process as compared to customization of other entities. So, now with this customized Case Resolution Dialog, it saves time & effort of Custom plugins and simply allows us to use Business Rule which applies simple field required/mandatory level action with native business rules functions.
Now we can simply modify the Case Resolution entity FORMs by Form Customizer from https://make.powerapps.com.

Customize Case Resolution Form

Moreover, you can see in the above screenshot, there are two types of forms – one is Main Form and another one is Quick Create FORM. Here we can open any one of the FORM on the click of the ‘Resolve Case’ button.

To implement this, we need to enable required dialog to be opened on click of the Case Resolve button.

Go to Customer Service Hub>>Service Management>>Service Configuration:

Customize Case Resolution Form

Now, let’s have a brief look into the three Dialogs.

Standard Dialog

This option allows us to only open existing default case resolution dialog without having any modification. And even if you modified existing default form (Main FORM) it won’t show customized form.

Below screen shot shows default form without modification:

Customize Case Resolution Form

Customizable Dialog

This allows us to open customized form of default case resolution form (Main FORM) on click of Case Resolve button. As you can see in the below screenshot, we have added (Priority) field on the default existing case resolution form and written business rule i.e. if Priority = High then make Remarks field mandatory. And, if required it also allows us to write JavaScript functions.

Customize Case Resolution Form

Quick Create Dialog

This allows us to open Quick Create Form instead of opening existing default case resolution dialog as this FORM will work as same as our OOB quick create form of other entities.

You can see in the Case Resolution entity, there is an OOB Quick Create FORM. Below screen is shot from https://make.powerapps.com

Customize Case Resolution Form

So, if you wanted to  use this form make sure to add this form in your Model Driven app, otherwise this form won’t appear in you app on click of Resolve Case.

Customize Case Resolution Form

So, after enabling dialogs, it will open corresponding dialog on click of Resolve Case button.

Note: We cannot create Custom new FORMS in this Case Resolution entity.

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