Improvements in Sales Accelerator: Making Work Easier with Microsoft’s New Features

By | October 9, 2023

In the world of digital tools, Microsoft always tries to make things easier for people. Recently Microsoft released a new feature to increase end-user productivity and help users plan and prioritize their work items. It’s called the Sales Accelerator.

In this article, we’ll talk about the new things in Sales Accelerator that can help you work better.

The “Up Next” Widget: Your Personal Reminder

One of the new things in Sales Accelerator is the “Up next” widget. This widget is like your own little helper. It’s like a reminder for all your important tasks and appointments. It displays the upcoming actions i.e. scheduled activities that are yet to be completed of a respective record.

Sales Accelerator

Better Work List: Everything in One Place

The work list displays a list of records which helps users navigate and work through their records in one place. Before, you had to switch between different things. Now, you can find everything in one place. Let’s see what’s new:

  • Sorting, Filtering, and Searching

You can now sort, filter, and search for your stuff easily. No more looking through lots of things to find what you want. It’s much simpler.
Sales Accelerator

Business Process Checklist

  • Grouping for Organization

Being organized is important. With Sales Accelerator, you can group your stuff in different ways. You can group by what kind of thing it is or when it’s due.

Sales Accelerator

  • Bulk Email – This feature is helpful when we need to send the same email to a list of leads/contacts (depending on the entity selected while creating the Sequence). To send the bulk email follow the below steps,

1. Click on the Bulk email option in the work list,

Sales Accelerator

2. The work list items i.e. emails will be automatically grouped by Sequence and then the email present in it,

Sales Accelerator

3. Select the Contacts to whom you want to send an email and click on the Bulk email button,

Sales Accelerator

When you click the ‘Bulk Email‘ button, it will open the email composer, allowing you to input the email content you wish to send. If you have chosen an email template in the Sequence, the template will automatically load within the email composer. Once you have composed your email, simply click the ‘Send to All’ button to send it to selected recipients.

Sales Accelerator

In Conclusion: Sales Accelerator Makes Work Easier

In conclusion, the changes in Sales Accelerator are made to help you work better. The “Up next” widget, the improved work list, and sending bulk emails all make your work simpler. Microsoft wants to help you be more productive.

If you want to work smarter and get things done, try Sales Accelerator. These changes will make a big difference in how you work.