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Easy Configuration of ‘Choices’ Column in Power Apps Portal

Introduction: In this blog, we have explained how to configure the Choices column in Power Apps Portal and how to retrieve the selected options from the same. This latest feature will help us to display the Choices column i.e. Multi-Select Option fields on Basic Forms. To configure this feature in Power Apps Portal, we need… Read More »

Check entity form design of different devices using Power Apps

Introduction: In this blog, we will see how we can test entity form (OOB, Custom) on different devices such as Desktops, Tablets, and Mobile Phones using Power Apps. When we use classic mode to customize entity form, we don’t get the ability to preview the designed entity from on different resolution. To test the form… Read More »

How to read the value from a Flip Switch Control in EasyRepro?

Introduction: Over time we have seen how by using EasyRepro we can perform UI Automation testing in Dynamics 365 CRM by getting and setting values in fields of different datatypes. In EasyRepro we do find predefined methods to get and set values of fields of different data types. However, recently while creating an automation project… Read More »

‘Error occured.System.Exception: Can not create the routing rule item as selected queue is not of entity type…’ Solved

Introduction: While working with case entity and queue entity in the Customer Service Hub app we encountered an issue which states that we can only route to Entity type queue. After investigating, we found that this issue arises due to OmniChannel Apps installed in Dynamics 365 CRM environment. What is the issue? We created a… Read More »

Dataverse Search – Easier than before to find data in Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse

Amongst the various options to quickly lookup or search data in Dataverse / Dynamics 365, the most popular remain 1. Search box in the view – search within the view being listed 2. Advanced find search – you can setup your detailed search criteria for specific tables and columns and get the desired results 3.… Read More »

Collaboration between makers now available in Preview for Model Driven Power Apps in Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse

Introduction In PowerApps, Microsoft has introduced one new feature i.e. Comments. With the help of comments you can add comments against a view, form, and dashboard. Because of this feature, another person who is working on the same entity form or view will get an idea of what changes were made by the person. Mainly… Read More »

Use of Custom API in Power Automate Flow

Introduction As seen in our previous blog, we can create a custom API that can be triggered in Dynamics 365 CRM Workflows. But since Microsoft is moving away from Dynamics 365 CRM Workflows to Power Automate Flows, we should too. So, in this blog, we will see how to use the same Custom API in… Read More »

3 Best Practices for Increasing your Lead Conversion Rates – Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation in Dynamics 365 CRM is what you need!

Most of you would be well acquainted with our popular assignment automation app for Dynamics 365 CRM – Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation. Already a Preferred app on Microsoft AppSource, Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation is a productivity app that automates the allocation or distribution of Leads (or any other entity records) recorded in Dynamics… Read More »

Perform changes in Power Apps Portal with newly introduced Microsoft Power Platform CLI

Introduction: Microsoft recently introduced Microsoft Power Platform Command Line Interface to perform various operations on Microsoft Dataverse environments, Power Apps Portal, PCF, Plugin, Solution, Admin, and Canvas by using Visual Studio Code. In this blog, we will be focusing on Power Apps Portal and will see how we can connect Portal using Microsoft Power Platform… Read More »