Additional Capabilities in Timeline View within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

By | May 22, 2023

A few interesting features have been added to the Timeline view in the 2023 release wave 1 plan. These include Display Layout, Copy to Clipboard command, and inline images and files in the notes.

Let’s explore!

Display Layout

You can choose the timeline layout as required from two options, i.e., roomy or cozy.

Timeline View within Dynamic 365

When you select Roomy, the timeline view shall appear as follows:

Timeline View within Dynamic 365

And when you select Cozy, the timeline view be displayed like below:

Timeline View within Dynamic 365

When selecting Cozy, you will not be able to see the commands unless you hover over the respective activity record or click on the “Dropdown” seen on the right side of the record.

Map My Relationship

Copy to Clipboard command

It is possible to copy a description of the note using the copy-to-clipboard command, as seen below:

Timeline View within Dynamic 365

Inline Images and Files in the Notes

It is now faster to add images or files to notes and copy and paste images from the internet and other applications directly into the note description without saving the image first. Also, you can add files to the notes, which will automatically be added as attachments.

Timeline View within Dynamic 365


Newly added capabilities will save users’ time by making it easier to copy descriptions, seamlessly capture images and files into notes, and view content.