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Recent records component and show customer details in the side pane in Dynamics 365 CRM Customer Service

In this article, We will discover more about the brand-new feature that Microsoft unveiled in the 2023 Release Wave 1. The recent records component allows users to view related cases on a form. Compared to the old grid, this component has better visualization of the record list. Also, we will see how we can see… Read More »

Editing capability for Customer Service Historic Analytic Report within Dynamics 365 CE

Introduction: The Historic analytic report summarizes historical case details based on the agent and topics with the Summary, Agent and Topics pages which includes KPI, charts, tables etc. Now there is a way to edit historic analytic reports as per one’s requirement. This we have already seen in previous the blog. In this blog, let’s… Read More »

Customer Service Historical Analytics Report in Dynamics 365 Customer Service – Part 2

Introduction: In the previous blog, we already explored the “Customer Service Historical Analytics” report and the different dashboards available. Recently, I was going through this doc where different KPIs are listed. I was interested in “Avg. CSAT” and “Avg. survey sentiment” which were not displayed and shown as blank. This made me explore and find… Read More »

Customer Service Historical Analytics Report in Dynamics 365 Customer Service – Part 1

Introduction: In today’s competitive world, customer satisfaction is very important. Providing appropriate and timely service lets you earn your customer’s trust for life. Also, knowing your customer enables you to provide better service and optimize your agent’s productivity. ‘Customer Service Insights’ is now embedded in Dynamics 365 customer service with the inbuilt AI capabilities. The… Read More »

Automate a process to pick files from the on-premises network and upload them to Dynamics 365 CE (Online)

Introduction Using the Power Automate (Flow) and an on-premises data gateway, we can automate a process for organizations where they want to communicate their systems from on-premises networks to Cloud. For example, automating a routine task when a defined event triggers on on-premises networks or local servers. Defined event maybe when a file is created… Read More »

Scheduling multiple appointments for the same time and same person

Introduction Often you would come across scenarios where you would want to schedule more than one appointment for a user for the same time. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, if you try to do this most often you would come across the following warning. Being a warning you can always click on continue and go ahead… Read More »

Creating Calendar rules with Breaks in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

Introduction: Microsoft Dynamics CRM has comprehensive Calendar management capabilities to manage work schedules. You are allowed to not only specify the work hours but also the break times when the resource would be unavailable. Here we are demonstrating how to add breaks to daily work schedule programmatically. Calendar and Calendar rules entities in CRM are… Read More »