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Maplytics within Dynamics CRM Mobile App – Reach where the client is, quickly!

“Should I carry Laptop, Tablet, or just my Phone?” Is this the question, which often comes to your mind while preparing for your client meetings. With web resources now available with Dynamics CRM 2016 even your favorite Maplytics is now accessible on all platforms Desktop, Tablet and Mobile so you can organize your trip better… Read More »

Stay Organised with Maplytics Appointment Planner in Dynamics CRM

The secret to the most successful Sales Reps is that they are very organized. Not just in their daily workflow but also their appointments. What separates the successful Sales Rep and a struggling one is how well a Sales Rep is able to manage his appointments. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is robust CRM system and is… Read More »

Configure your own Dashboards in Maplytics for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Dashboards are the one of the most used feature of Maplytics-Bing Map Integration for Dynamics CRM. You can design geographical dashboards using components from Maplytics as can be seen in the screenshot below. Maplytics ships with the following 5 pre-defined Dashboards for various Sales and Service Modules for different user roles. Maplytics Customer Service Representative… Read More »

Configure tooltips in Maplytics for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

In our last post we saw about how to configure entity map in your Maplytics. One of the parts of configuring the entity map is to define the data that you would like displayed in the tooltip of the pushpin. This post covers setting up the attributes to be displayed. Tooltips are callouts that pop… Read More »

Scheduling multiple appointments for the same time and same person

Introduction Often you would come across scenarios where you would want to schedule more than one appointment for a user for the same time. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, if you try to do this most often you would come across the following warning. Being a warning you can always click on continue and go ahead… Read More »

Re-Install Sample records of Entity maps and Dashboards in Maplytics

While we were discussing about Registering Maplytics in our last post we saw once the Maplytics license was installed there’s an option to install Sample Dashboards. This post explains how to restore the sample data installed for Maplytics if you have accidentally deleted the sample records of EntityMap/Dashboard. If you try to re-install the samples… Read More »

Create Maplytics Team in your Dynamics CRM

In our earlier posts we have seen how to install and Register Maplytics in your Dynamics CRM. For a better control over who you want to give access to Maplytics in your organization we have made it a primary requirement to setup Maplytics Team in your Dynamics CRM on-premises or online. Lets read more about this… Read More »