CRM Customer Service Management for Healthcare Domain


The major challenges faced by our Client were as follows:

  • Scheduling the technicians for daily operations
  • Organizing the details of the clients, types of equipment to be carried, appointment durations, etc.
  • Managing the invoicing process seamless
  • Optimum utilization of the technicians throughout the day

The professional services team of Inogic helped by integrating the client data, available test slots, and the availability of the nurses for the tests.

They developed complex logic that allowed the patients to check out the open slots for their test appointments with respect to the availability of the nurses for the location of their choice. The available free slots were easily spotted then. All the information was visible on the portal.

The booked/ scheduled appointments could be viewed by the nurses using the Field Service App developed by Team Inogic which displayed the schedule board and the status of each booking.

We study the business requirements, analyze the data volume, and understand expectations to design, build up, and execute automated functioning within the D365 CRM

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