Power Automate Flow and Logic Apps

Power Automate Flow, the workflow and automation engine of tomorrow for Power users is here as part of the Office 365 and Dynamics 365 subscription.

Power Automate Flow with its ever-growing list of connectors makes integration and continuous syncing of data between applications as well as automating processes with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement very easy.

Logic Apps helps you extend the integrations between application beyond the available list of connectors for Flow is generally used for advanced integration scenarios. Logic Apps the tool for Developers allows you extend your flows and develop your own connectors using Azure apps, functions and the like. Trigger flows on HTTP requests as well as Azure Service Bus and others.

Multistep Workflows and Conditions

Automate repetitive tasks with multistep workflows between your favorite apps and services. Make the workflow even more powerful by adding conditions for the actions to be executed only when certain conditions are met.

Create Flows to Approve Requests

Improve response time and for process requests by creating Flows and sharing them with other users to automate the approval process from sales opportunities, time off to documents.

Connect existing data and Data Loss Prevention Policies

Utilize the data you already have by connecting applications and avoid duplication of data entry efforts.

For assistance in designing and automating your business processes and workflows using Flows and Logic Apps reach out at crm@inogic.com