Offshore Development Center

Offshore Development Center (ODC) is a growing and immensely popular business model that allow businesses to lower their operating expenses and utilize offshore teams to boost productivity.

Inogic is one of the leading and most experienced Microsoft ISV for Dynamics 365 CRM. Inogic offers end-to-end cost-effective offshore development services that allow our partners to take full advantage of our Center of Excellence and work with our exceptionally dedicated team of certified programmers with unparalleled experience in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM platform.

Why Choose Us?

With over a decade of experience in not only Dynamics 365 CRM but also with managing and offering offshore development services to partner across the globe, we are well versed with development and project management practices followed by different partners across the globe.

Time differences

One of the most important factors while choosing an off-shore development partner has been choosing a partner that works while we sleep but is also available when we need. Getting the best of both worlds is possible with Inogic, as we make sure we do have overlap hours with our partners. The overlap hours is usually sufficient for quick discussions and daily stand up calls, that keeps you updated with the progress of the work done by the off-shore team.


The other factor that is important, is to be able to explain and be understood to ensure quality deliveries and avoid misunderstanding that could lead to a lot of repeat work and loss of time and money. With a team that is fairly proficient with English read, write and speaking skills, it is easy to share information either through specification documents of quick voice calls/chats.

Turn-around times

The success of an off-shore development model depends upon the turnaround times that provides the benefits of a 20hrs work cycle for the day. With deliveries in your inbox when you wake up, our partners have always appreciated the quick turn-around times, that let them appear as superhero for their customers.


With a pool of certified developers that follow prescribed standards of development, the work is delivered in fewer iterations. The team follows the policy of “Being right the first time” and every piece of work is delivered after it goes through thorough quality control checks by the testing team.

Models offered

Full Time Employee (FTE)

In this model, you could hire a team of developers that work exclusively on your projects. The team is managed by the partner.

Shared Development Resources

This model is beneficial where you do not have enough work to keep the resource busy for the entire month, however you would like to take the benefits of off-shore development for the one-off projects you may want to share with us each month. In this model, we schedule and allocate resources based on the size and skills sets required for the project at hand. The resources are being managed by project managers within Inogic.

Interested in learning how our expertise can help you get the most out of the ODC model? Write to us at to find out more!.