Data conversion is the essential element when an organization considers to adopt a new system to replace the legacy system. It can not only be a complex but also a disruptive process which becomes a costly undertaking if not planned meticulously. As far as ACT! to Microsoft Dynamics CRM data migration is concerned, it is tedious and so people usually avoid this shift. At Inogic, we give data conversion the attention it deserves and manage the whole process seamlessly with the assurance of minimal disruption to your business


We use Microsoft’s SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) platform which is far more capable of performing a broad range of Dynamics 365 data migration tasks. You would never observe a dip in data transfer speeds as you shift from the legacy system to a new system.


Data conversion takes places in 3 steps


• Extract

After extracting the data from different systems, it is consolidated and maintained in a single format apt for the next step, transformation processing.

• Transform

Here is the data from the source ACT!  the system is transformed into a format that the target MS Dynamics CRM system understands.

• Load

The transfer phase loads the data into the target Dynamics 365 Organization using the mappings between the two systems

Dynamics CRM Data Migration

Act Data Conversion Dynamics CRM

Why choose our data conversion process?


  • Fixed cost migration with no cost overrun

  • Entire conversion is done by a data conversion specialists who knows both the systems

  • Complete testing post migration at our end to look at loop holes

  • No cost associated with buying any migration tool

  • No cost associated with hiring a consultant to do the conversion using this tool on a time and material basis

  • No Internal cost associated for utilizing migration tools and learning it

Below mentioned are the types of modules for which data conversion from ACT! to MS Dynamics CRM can be carried out:


  1. Accounts
  2. Contacts
  3. Emails
  4. Activities
  5. Notes
  6. Opportunities
  7. Products

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Data Migration


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