Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 is considered to be an accepted substitute for Goldmine and after a certain level, upgrading to an enterprise CRM like Microsoft Dynamics 365 becomes a need of the hour. However many organizations are a little hesitant to make the move from Goldmine to MS Dynamics CRM because they are not sure whether the integrity of data would be maintained.


The data conversion (DC) team at Inogic helps you with hassle-free data transfer from Goldmine to MS Dynamics 365. You could trust Inogic for its reliable conversion standards that lead you successfully to the logical conclusion of the conversion process. 


At Inogic, Microsoft’s SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) platform makes data transfer a breeze.


3 steps in which data conversion takes place


• Extract

Need to read and understand the data and the relations that are stored in Goldmine database.

• Transform

The extracted data is then put through the transformation process to make it compatible with Dynamics CRM/365 schema structure.

• Load

Finally, the data is exported to the target Microsoft Dynamics 365 organization after the appropriate entities mappings have been confirmed.

Goldmine Data Conversion Dynamics CRM

Goldmine Data Conversion

Why opt for our data conversion process?


  • We take each data conversion project as a turnkey project. Since we understand that accurate data maximizes the value of enterprise applications, our efforts never fail. You would undoubtedly experience a low risk of cost overruns.
  • Before data conversions, our specialists understand the source as well as the target system to ensure that you don’t face any issues related to inconsistent data.
  • Our team tests everything to identify the issues that a company might face after Goldmine to MS Dynamics CRM data migration.
  • Given that the entire process is managed by our Data conversion team, there is no learning or training cost associated with this for the customer.


Our conversion utility rules out the need for purchasing a conversion tool. You need not worry about designing training sessions exclusively for professionals. We manage the data conversion process from start to finish. 

Below mentioned are the types of modules for which data conversion from Goldmine to MS Dynamics CRM can be carried out:


  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Emails
  • Activities
  • Notes
  • Opportunities
  • Products

Speak with our experts at Inogic today, to know more about Goldmine data conversion process.

Goldmine to Dynamics CRM Data Conversion


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