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Click2Export on Microsoft AppSource

May 15, 2017


Click2Export productivity app for Dynamics 365 is now available on Microsoft AppSource. Click2Export helps user to export any Dynamics 365/CRM report to required file format like PDF, Word or Excel in a single click. Further, it also allows user to attach it to an email or note or just download it for later use. 


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Maplytics is now Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD)

April 2, 2017


Maplytics™, becomes one of the first geo-analytical mapping solutions to be Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) by meeting Microsoft Corp.’s highest standard for partner-developed software.


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Maplytics Jan 2017 Release Announced

January 30, 2017


Maplytics Jan 2017 Release is now out and available for download. Experience the latest advancement of our Geo-Analytical Solution for Dynamics 365. With this new release, we have added Multi-Language Compatibility along with a lot of new features and improvements.

Let your users in different parts of world take advantage of the powerful mapping solution within Dynamics 365 in their preferred language!


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InoLink New Release Announced

January 23, 2017


InoLink New Release is out. InoLink now supports Dynamics 365 integration with QuickBooks Online. With the seamless integration offered by InoLink, users can avoid data inconsistency caused by maintaining the two systems separately! Accounting insights and transaction history right within Dynamics 365 enables your Sales Team to stay updated and improve customer relationship significantly. 


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User Gamification Module New Release Announced

January 2, 2017


The next step to our User Adoption Monitor is out. User Gamification Module is gamification tool for Dynamics CRM/365, which helps to motivate your users to achieve more by adding fun element to your business application and processes. It helps boost the user adoption of your Dynamics CRM/365 application thereby improving your organization’s overall productivity.


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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Released!

November 1, 2016


Microsoft has released Dynamics 365, which combines CRM and ERP capabilities. It is a complete suite with set of apps including; Sales, Operations, Customer Service, Field Service, Financials, Marketing, and Project Service Automation.


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User Adoption Monitor on Microsoft AppSource

October 28, 2016


The User Adoption Monitor is now a part of new destination for business apps i.e. AppSource. The solution is a foremost technology to evaluate user activities in the Dynamics 365 application.


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Click2Clone on Microsoft AppSource

October 13, 2016


Click2Clone productivity add-on for Dynamics 365 is now available on Microsoft AppSource. This solution allows users to clone data of Dynamics 365 records quickly to new records and is available for all deployments; On-Premises, Online, and Partner-hosted.


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Maplytics on Microsoft AppSource

October 10, 2016


Microsoft recently introduced AppSource as a new digital marketplace to get best-suited business apps at one place. Maplytics™ is now available on AppSource its trial can be downloaded from within Dynamics 365 or AppSource website.


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New Destination for Maplytics –

June 29, 2016


Inogic has announced a new website for its flagship Dynamics CRM and Bing Maps integration solution "Maplytics". The website delivers resourceful information about Maplytics like features, assets, and use cases. With quick navigations and intuitive interface, this website will help users to get information about the product at one place.


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Maplytics May Release Announced!

May 16, 2016


May has come and wait is over now! As promised, Maplytics has come with an upgraded version with new features providing multi-platform support for; Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile.

It has also more intuitive interface offering enhanced Geo-analysis of Dynamics CRM data. It is renovated with improved routing optimization and proximity search feature.


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Maplytics Infocentre released

December 10, 2015


Everything in Maplytics is now a search away at our Maplytics InfoCentre.

Maplytics™ is a Geo-Analytics Module designed for Dynamics CRM both on-premises as well as Online. The objective of this solution is to allow Dynamics CRM users benefit from the power of Bing Maps. 


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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 announced

December 1, 2015


The Next of Microsoft Dynamics CRM announced. It would be a next major awaited version upgrade named Dynamics CRM 2016.

The On-Prem customers would get the much awaited features released as part of the Update 1 for CRM Online. The drop-down navigation the most sought after update that the On-Premise customers have been waiting for.


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User Adoption Tracker is available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

Feb 22, 2015


User Adoption Tracker has been designed in collaboration with Elev8 Solutions Group. Two of the brightest CRM MVPs Gus Gonzales heading Elev8 Solutions Group and Roohi Shaikh head of Inogic have got together to build a solution that would allow monitoring of CRM Adoption by the users. 

User Adoption Tracker is available for Microsoft Dynamics versions CRM 2011 and above for all deployment models of CRM On-Premise (IFD as well), CRM Online and Partner-hosted.


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Click2Export is available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

November 17, 2014


Click2Export is a tool which can easily export any report in the system with single click and attach it to an email or note or just download it.

Click2Export is available for Microsoft Dynamics versions CRM 2011 and above for all deployment models of CRM On-Premise (IFD as well), CRM Online and Partner-hosted.


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Maplytics August Release Announced!

September 07, 2016


Maplytics August release is out and this new version is embedded with multiple new features like Territory management, Route optimization & sharing, Saving plotted records as Marketing List, and much more.

With this release, our aim is to reinvent business strategies and productivity to unlock locational intelligence within Dynamics CRM with these new features. 


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