Business Process Checklist

Work smarter, and deliver faster by enforcing best practices in your day-to-day processes



Business Process Checklist
Business Process Checklist is a Dynamics 365 CRM productivity app that helps users to simplify their internal processes by enforcing the best plan of action for day-to-day activities. Once the sales manager or administrator creates a checklist/plan/to-do list, it will automatically get connected against records or Business Process Flows when set conditions are met. Be it custom, OOB entities or custom flows, users will have a predefined set of actions reflecting the organization’s best practices to perform. With Business Process Checklist, set a plan of action for your salespeople/customer executives to follow and in the order, they want them to follow. Increase user productivity by better aligning your business processes with Business Process Checklist within your Dynamics 365 CRM.
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Dynamics 365 v9.1 and above

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Auto-associate plans/checklists with CRM records and processes:

You can easily define actions/activities against records or Business Process Flow for your users to follow. These action steps will automatically be associated with any record or Business Process Flow once the set criteria are met thereby automating the whole process. Suppose you have a new salesperson, then he can know what steps to follow at what stage against a record. He will adhere to the best practices followed by the organization automatically.

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Associate checklists on your records:

One of the types of plans you can set up against your records is the Checklist type. In this type, your users will have a set of activities to perform. These activities can be performed by users in any order and are independent of each other.

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Associate processes on your records:

You can set up processes against CRM records for the users to follow. These are the steps that are to be executed as per the plan. Without executing the ongoing tasks, the user will not be able to access the next set of actions.

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View the step by step plan to follow:

Users can easily view the steps they need to follow on any associated record or Business Process Flow. They can view the activities they have completed, the ones that are still overdue, and the ongoing ones during the course of the day.

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User-friendly dashboards to monitor items:

Easily monitor the progress of users and manage tasks for the whole team with the help of Dashboards. Use visual charts and graphs to keep track of your team's pending, completed, and ongoing tasks.

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