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Manage invoice schedule and payment collection

Automated Subscription & License Management

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Designed specifically for Software Publishers and Value Added Resellers (VARs), our Subscription Management solution is the ultimate time-saving tool for your entire team. With flexible billing schedules, payment reminders, and penalty calculations, we’ve transformed tedious manual tasks into an automated, time-saving machine. Create invoices with the click of a button and enjoy the accuracy and efficiency of CRM workflows. While you’re at it, easily send invoices to an entire Accounts Payable department, or to a single contact.
Dynamics 365 8.2 & above

Recent Updates

  • Auto-generate bill annually, quarterly, monthly, or daily
  • Schedule automatic reminders for past due payments
  • Keep precise track of license details and registration keys
  • Keep track margins that is sent out to the resellers
  • Flexibility to define the set of people on the basis of their billing status


On-Premises and Online
Software Management Solution Dynamics 365

Flexible Billing Schedule:

With billing schedule being the heart of the billing process, it governs if an invoice should be created, when it should be created and how often it should be created. Users can define which all products will be there on the invoice.

Software Management Solution Dynamics 365
Subscription Solution Dynamics 365


Margins can be handled with finesse. Based on the Margin Groups created, the right Margins will be applied automatically. This is handy at the times, when the billing is processed through partners and not directly through the end users.

Subscription Management Dynamics 365

Send Reminders:

Users can define reminder schedule and reminder rules based on which billing reminders would be send out to the customers. With this automated process users no longer have to send reminders manually to the customers.

Subscription Billing Dynamics 365

Users are able to manage registration keys with ease against each of the subscriptions with the help of Subscription Management.

Users can create OOB Invoices on demand or automate it by scheduling them, thereby making the process a breeze.

Set up and automate penalty calculation process for overdue invoices with the help of Penalty Schedules.

Flexibility to define the set of people who should be receiving Billing emails or who should be receiving emails about overdue payment, etc.