Seamless Integration between Mailchimp and Dynamics 365 CRM

integrate mailchimp with dynamics 365


mailchimp integration with dynamics 365
Marketing4Dynamics is a productivity app providing integration between Dynamics 365 CRM and Mailchimp. It syncs Mailchimp and Dynamics 365 CRM customers along with their marketing statistics data ensuring easy and quick access to information without navigating from one application to another. Complete details of campaigns and other member activities executed through Mailchimp is made available within Dynamics 365 CRM. This gives an advantage while planning and executing marketing activities and increases the productivity of Dynamics 365 CRM users.
integration between mailchimp and dynamics 365
Dynamics 365 9.0 & above
On-Premises and Online
sync members between mailchimp and dynamics 365

Sync members from Mailchimp to Dynamics 365 CRM

Users have access to member information available in Mailchimp within Dynamics 365 CRM.

sync contacts between mailchimp and dynamics 365 crm

Sync Contact and Leads added to Marketing List from CRM to Mailchimp

Users have access to customer information available in Dynamics 365 CRM within Mailchimp.

sync audience

Sync Audiences, Tags and Segments from Mailchimp to CRM

Ensures transparency in customer information between two applications.

sync campaigns

Sync Campaigns and members tracked activities from Mailchimp to CRM

Details of campaign and marketing activities (email open, link clicked, unsubscribed, sent etc.) are made available within easy reach of Dynamics 365 CRM users.