Certified geo-analytical mapping app for Dynamics 365

Integrate Bing Maps with Dynamics 365 CRM seamlessly


Maplytics™ is a geo-analytical mapping app that provides seamless Bing Maps and Dynamics CRM integration with features like Territory Management, Radius Search, Appointment Planner, Optimized Routing, PCF Controls, Census Data and Heat Maps within Dynamics 365. Maplytics is Certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CfMD) and helps businesses around the world to plot, plan, visualize and analyze Dynamics CRM data on map and offer seamless mapping services.
Dynamics 365 8.2 & above
On-Premises and Online

Recent Updates

  • Detail Map Control for Dataset: This PCF control can be added to any entity or dashboard to visualize all the records of a view, sub-grid or dashboard on a map without switching screen
  • Truck Routing: Create optimized routes for trucks for seamless navigation on map
  • Multiple Categories: Plot up to three categories for an entity in juxtaposition to be viewed as a single pushpin
  • POI Search: Search for POI locations in vicinity by entering the keyword

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