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Click2Export is a one-click option to export any Dynamics CRM Reports to your preferred file format of PDF, MS Word or MS Excel. You can choose to save the exported file as a note in Dynamics CRM or even attach it to an email.
User Gamification Module
User Gamification Module is the next step to User Adoption Monitor. It is a gamification solution for Dynamics 365/CRM which helps boost your users performance by encouraging healthy competition.

Maplytics is a Bing Maps integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. As the name suggests, its about Geographical representation of your data on the map. Maplytics offers integration that caters to vvarious user personas across the organization. 

It includes but it not restricted to basic plotting of the address on the map to radius search and route planning that benefits the sales people on the field. For the Managers it provides analytics features like color coded pushpins, Dashboards and heat maps that help them understand the larger picture behind the data in Dynamics CRM


Accounting and CRM often have related information and maintaining them separately in both systems can often lead to not only data duplication but also data inconsistency. InoLink: QuickBooks is a bi-directional integration tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 

It will allow you to avoid data inconsistency by auto transfer of data entered in one system to the other thereby also reducing the duplication efforts involved in maintaining the same data in two systems. The solution also provides Dynamics 365 users with a 360 degrees view of the Customer Accounting information from right within Microsoft Dynamics 365 giving them the capability to make informed decisions.  
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Our Productivity pack has been deisgned to provide tools to automate and monitor adoption and improved efficiency.

Click2Export - One click tool to export and attach any Dynamics CRM Report to an email   Read More

Click2Clone - One click tool to make a copy of any Dynamics CRM entity record   Read More

User Adoption Monitor - Tool to monitor usage and adoption of Dynamics CRM by users   Read More

User Gamification Module - Gamification solution for Dynamics 365/CRM   Read More

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