User Adoption Monitor

Monitor and improve adoption of Dynamics 365 CRM

Track usage on Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis


User Adoption Monitor is a productivity app that monitors and tracks the actions performed by enabled users in Dynamics 365 CRM. It monitors both the common actions and special messages of end users such as Create, Read, QualifyLead, Win, etc. on various frequency periods like daily, weekly, monthly basis. It also keeps track of the amount of time invested by end users in CRM and in each entity records. With the help of dashboards in User Adoption Monitor, managers can get the brief details of user actions per Entity/Action/Period and thereby improve the user adoption of Dynamics 365 CRM.
Dynamics 365 8.2 & above
On-Premises and Online

Recent Updates

  • Calculate and track the aggregation on respective field across the entity towards specific CRM user actions
  • Assign and keep a track of targets allotted to the users
  • Track and ensure the completeness of an entity record
  • Track daily user Log-in & Log-out details.
  • Track amount of time spent by user on particular Entity records with Check-in & Check-out

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Dynamics CRM User Activity Tracker

Track various actions performed by users across CRM:

User Adoption Monitor helps to keep a track of user actions such as Login Logout, Create, Update, Delete, Opening of Records, etc. in Dynamics 365 CRM. One can keep track of these actions performed by the users on a Daily, Weekly and Monthly basis.

Dynamics 365 User Activity Tracker
User Adoption Reports for Dynamics CRM

Monitor user login and logout activities:

With this feature of User Adoption Monitor, one can easily keep a track of log-in and log-out actions of the users on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The details of the time spent by each user in Dynamics 365 CRM is specified in this report.

Dynamics CRM User Adoption Tracker

Track user Check-in/Check-out details:

This feature of User Adoption Monitor enables one to keep a track of records that each user has worked on. With this one can get a clear picture of how much amount of time the user spends on a specific entity record in the CRM. This can further help in assessing the user performance around the particular task within a stipulated period of time.

Dynamics CRM User Activity Tracker
Dynamics CRM User Activity Tracker

Set targets against the specific action performed by CRM users:

With the help of ‘Target Tracking’ in User Adoption Monitor, one can allot and keep track of targets assigned to users in Dynamics 365 CRM. It could either be a target set against the count of the respective entity action(s) or a target against the aggregate value of fields with respect to an entity action performed by the user.

Dynamics 365 User Activity

Data Quality:

‘Datacompleteness’ feature of User Adoption Monitor helps user to ensure the completeness of the entity record. It gives user the provision to choose which of the fields from the records of selected entity need to be filled in to make sure that the record is complete. In case any of these defined fields are left blank, then the completeness of the record would be reflected as ‘Incomplete’ until the specified field(s) have been duly filled.

Dynamics crm User Activity

Tracking Entity Actions

User Adoption Monitor enables tracking for both OOB and Custom entities in Dynamics 365 CRM making it feasible for organizations to keep track of user activities.

Goal Tracking

Helps managers to analyse the user performance by tracking the aggregated value of a respective field against chosen entity action.

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Performance Analysis

User Adoption Monitor assists in analysing overall individual user performance in CRM with the help of Leader board and Performance Dashboards.

Easy Configuration

Users are able to easily configure entities and actions to be monitored in Dynamics 365 CRM as per their requirement.

Customized Reports

Users can generate different types of reports (SSRS, Power BI reports) to help them with further analysis of the user performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

By using User Adoption Monitor can one track actions of few selected users?

User Adoption Monitor gives provision to enable and disable tracking of user actions in Dynamics 365 CRM. Business organizations therefore, have the choice to monitor and review actions performed by all users or just few selective users.

Is there a limit to tracking users in Dynamics 365 CRM using User Adoption Monitor?

No, there is no such limit. With User Adoption Monitor one can monitor actions of any number of users using Dynamics 365 CRM.

Is there a time limit for tracking user actions in Dynamics 365 CRM?

No, there is no such time limit. After activating license for User Adoption Monitor, user actions can be tracked on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

What kind of tracking reports can be generated by User Adoption Monitor?

User Adoption Monitor tracks the user actions and generates User Adoption Monitor Tracking and User Adoption Monitor Tracking Details records. And by using these tracking records one can create their own SSRS as well as Power BI reports as per their requirements.