Recent Updates
  • Track daily user Log-in & Log-out details.
  • Track amount of time spent by user on particular Entity records with Check-in & Check-out
  • Get workflow failure notification for CRM Access Tracking.
  • Track actions like Create, Read, Update, Delete, Set State and Form Opens.
  • Monitor Dynamics 365 CRM usage of team members by tracking various web based activities.
  • View individual performance across Dynamics 365.

Available for

Tracking User Activity Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM

2013 and Above

On-Premises, Online and Partner-Hosted

Dynamics CRM User Activity Tracker

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Microsoft AppSource

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Dynamics CRM User Adoption Tracker

User Adoption Monitor is a productivity app that monitors and tracks the actions performed by enabled users in Dynamics 365 CRM on various frequency period like daily, weekly, monthly basis. By creating the dashboards users can get the brief details of user actions per Entity/Action/Period and thereby improve the user adoption of Dynamics 365.


User Adoption Reports for Dynamics CRM

Improve user adoption of Dynamics CRM by tracking Daily, Weekly and Monthly usage

Usage Report Dynamics CRM

Tracking available for OOB and Custom entities in Dynamics CRM

User Adoption Dynamics CRM Utility

Get notification of workflow failure for CRM Access Tracking

Usage Report Dynamics CRM

Better visualization with Leaderboard and Performance Dashboards

Track actions dynamics CRM On Premises

Configure entities and actions to be monitored in Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM Utilization Report

Track actions including Login, Create, Delete, Read, Form Opens, etc.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM User Adoption

Dynamics CRM utilization data stored in an easy to report format

Tracking User Activity Dynamics CRM

Dashboard Reporting per Entity/ Action/ Period & per User/ Period

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