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Map My Relationships

Mind Map View of Relationships or Connections between Dynamics 365 CRM records

Get a Mind Map View of Connections & Relationships in Dynamics 365 CRM - Map My Relationships


Why Map My Relationships?

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM helps teams manage sales, customer relationships, and store connections. It is ground-zero for database, but all of this data is raw, complex and in large volumes that impede performance. Moreover, extracting CRM records, mapping relationships, or building associations is hard in Dynamics 365’s traditional view. So, what if you create a mind map view of this data? Getting a mind map view of your connections and relations in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM can significantly drive sales and improve business! Map relationships to gain insights and identify opportunities for collaboration! If you want to better understand and navigate your relationships, build strong relationships with key stakeholders, and achieve your business goals, use ‘Map My Relationships’.


Map My Relationships is a preferred solution on Microsoft AppSource that provides a mind map view of Dynamics 365 CRM data. It helps the users to visualize connections and relationships between entities or related records in a single view. It enables users to drill down further through N-level relationships of a particular entity to see associated entity records, provides easy navigation to related records and quickly record various activities like phone call, email or appointment for the related records. You as a user can thus, get information at a glance leading to quick decisions and swift execution of tasks.

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Map My Relationships

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Manage Relationships to Target Key Stakeholders

Map My Relationships as an app provides a visual map of the relationships between various entities in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, including customers, partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders. This helps businesses identify key stakeholders and potential areas to manage relationships and collaboration better.

Manage & Control Connections

In Map My Connections, you can visualize the respective connections in your CRM. Visualizing connections allows you to analyze data quickly and make informed decisions. Additionally, these connections can be managed and controlled for a particular entity for which they wish to create, update, and delete records.

Get A 360-Degree View & Drill Down to The N-Level.

This feature of Map My Relationships allows users to quickly record any activity like a phone call or make an appointment for the related records. For example, if users want to send an email to the client, they can just click on the related record and create the activity on the map view itself. Users can configure any system or custom activities for them to perform quick actions from the map view.

Be More Responsive by Taking Quick Actions

Map My Relationships is an effective, intuitive and easy-to-use relationship mapping tool. You can perform quick actions like making a phone call, scheduling an appointment, or emailing records from the map view without navigating to the respective record!

Grouping, Aggregating & More

Map My Relationships lets you view aggregated values of any numeric fields without creating any rollup fields. You can easily configure and view the aggregated sum or average by hovering over the node. For example, in Opportunity entity you can view the total of all the open Quotes!

Get A Broad View That’s Customizable

Build a visual relationship map with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM contact data for a better understanding of your customers. Map My Relationships lets you customize labels and track and analyze relationship data better. Take advantage of a broad view, adjust record summaries instantly and define nodes per your needs. 

Map My Relationship

Map Your Way to Success: A Guide to Using

Mind Maps to Unlock the Power of Dynamics 365

CRM Connections

More Features

Detailed View of Records

Map My Relationships lets you enjoy a detailed view of records, just by hovering the cursor on the respective record.

Connecting & Linking Records

You as a user can drill through the records within your connection relationship view and connect or link a respective record to the primary record as well.

Color Coded Connections

With color legends, you can easily identify different connection roles within connection relationship view.

Filter the Records

Entity node views can be filtered with Map My Relationships. From the dropdown, users can select the desired view and view the relationships between records.

Quick Record Association

As a user, you will have the ability to quickly create a new entity record to be associated to its main/primary entity record through the relationship view.

Multiple Connection Views

You can also view the connections in any preferred format - grid/card/relationship view.

Display Images

Map My Relationships enables you to use images to identify Dynamics 365 CRM records easily.

Easy Navigation

With the help of Map My Relationships, you will be able to navigate easily and quickly to any of the records in the relationships.

Entity Support

All the features of Map My Relationships are available not only for Out of the box entities, but also for the Custom entities.

Unified Experience

Users can configure Map My Relationships in Web, Mobile as well as in Tablet for a unified experience.

Traditional Table View

Map My Relationships also allows users to view records in the grid format. Users can view records in a read-only traditional tabular format after selecting the desired entity view.

Download View as an Image

You can download Relationship Map as an image by simply clicking on a button.



No, there is no such limit. By using Map My Relationships, users can view many-to-one relationship, one-to-many relationship and many-to-many relationships of any CRM record.

Yes, users can view the details of a record by just hovering the mouse pointer on that particular record. A tooltip will appear showing the details of the record for the benefit of the users.

Yes, Map My Relationships is a highly flexible and agile app that provides a uniform experience across Web, Mobile and Tablet for Dynamics 365 CRM users.

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Dynamics 365 v9.x / Dataverse

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