SharePoint Security Sync

Secure and robust SharePoint integration for Dynamics 365 CRM

Real-time sync of security permissions

SharePoint Security Sync


SharePoint Security Sync is a comprehensive solution for integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM with SharePoint for document management. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM comes with native integration to SharePoint. With SharePoint Security Sync, the idea is to enhance the user experience and further build upon the integration to make the integration experience seamless between the two systems by not just allowing for associating document folders against CRM records but also sync the security privileges from Dynamics 365 CRM to SharePoint to ensure secure and reliable access to confidential documents stored in SharePoint.
Dynamics 365 9.0 & above
On-Premises with IFD & Online

Recent Updates

  • Support to create customized document library structure within SharePoint
  • Open folders present on SharePoint site directly from within CRM for easy document management
  • Seamless integration with DocuSign for eSignature
  • Store attachments/documents of Dynamics 365 CRM records on the basis of hierarchy in SharePoint

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Sync Dynamics 365 Security Model

Auto-Sync Privileges:

SharePoint Security Sync auto-syncs security privileges in SharePoint upon changes in user privileges in Dynamics 365 CRM. It can be with respect to sharing of the record or adding the user to a team. Any changes made to the security role of a user in Dynamics 365 CRM will be replicated in SharePoint with the help of this SharePoint Security Sync feature.

Sync Dynamics 365 Security Model
Dynamics 365 Sharepoint Security

Drag & Drop:

SharePoint Security Sync comes with a user friendly interface that allows users to drag and drop multiple files and folders from CRM to SharePoint thereby helping users to move/upload folders easily.

Custom Folder Structure:

SharePoint Security Sync gives provision to create a customized folder structure within SharePoint for storing and managing CRM documents/attachments. With this feature, users can now easily customize the document library structure and the record folder structure within SharePoint as per their requirements. The document library structure can be customized by period, by starting character or by any field name. A handy feature to wisely segregate SharePoint documents.

Dynamics 365 Sharepoint Security

Bulk Migration Job:

SharePoint Security Sync is a perfect document management system that enables users to migrate documents in bulk from CRM to SharePoint which helps to free more space from Dynamics 365 CRM. Moreover, it also shows the details and status of the migrating Emails, Notes, and Sales Literature Attachments. For example, if users want to move emails of last ‘X’ weeks from Dynamics 365 CRM to SharePoint in bulk, they can easily do so with the SharePoint Security Sync.

SharePoint Security Sync Tool:

SharePoint Security Sync Tool enables users to sync previous records in bulk. Syncing security privileges in record will become easier for users with the help of SharePoint Security Sync. SharePoint Security Sync also provides details of failed syncs which can be synced again in just one click.

Dynamics 365 Sharepoint Security

Security Templates

The security Templates feature of SharePoint Security Sync enables managers to set permissions for all the user actions in Attach2Dynamics UI.

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Anonymous Sharable Links

Users can generate anonymous links to the documents stored on SharePoint to share the documents outside their organization with the help of SharePoint Security Sync.

Multiple SharePoint Sites

Users can connect and actively manage files and folders on more than one SharePoint sites with the help of SharePoint Security Sync.

Single Sign-on

SharePoint Security Sync supports single sign-on that enables to perform all actions in the context of logged-in user.

Bulk Upload

SharePoint Security Sync allows uploading of files directly from home page for selected records.

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Deep Search

With the help of SharePoint Security Sync, users can search for files/folders within subfolders by entering keyword in search tab.

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Copy/Move Attachments

Users can Copy/Move Dynamics 365 CRM Notes/Email/ Sales Literature attachments to SharePoint in Real-time.

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Users can create folders in SharePoint as per requirement and also Rename files/folders using SharePoint Security Sync.

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Support for Hierarchy & Entity Folder Structure

SharePoint Security Sync honors the hierarchy and entity folder structure like CRM. Attachments/Documents moved to SharePoint are stored in a similar structure for easy accessibility.

DocuSign Integration

Users will be able to use DocuSign to electronically sign documents stored in SharePoint.

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Open Folders

Users can open record folders present on SharePoint site directly from Attach2Dynamics document management UI.

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Configure Email Audience

SharePoint Security Sync enables users to set default from, to, cc, and bcc for an email in SharePoint using the ‘Email Configuration’ feature.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which types of SharePoint sites does SharePoint Security Sync supports?

SharePoint Security Sync provides support to SharePoint Communication, Team site and SharePoint Subsite.

Is there a limit to storing files in SharePoint using SharePoint Security Sync?

No, SharePoint Security Sync has no such limit. However, SharePoint has a security scope limit of 50,000 items per list or library with unique SharePoint permissions. This limit should be taken into consideration while moving files to SharePoint. The Custom Folder Structure feature of SharePoint Security Sync can used to create customized document library structure within SharePoint which will help to overcome this limitation imposed by SharePoint.

Is it possible to sync previous records in bulk?

Yes, by using ‘Bulk Synchronization Tool’ one can sync the previous records in bulk.

Is it possible to directly access files/folders stored in SharePoint from within Dynamics 365 CRM?

Yes, users access files/folders in SharePoint from Dynamics 365 CRM. By using ‘Open Folder’ feature, user can open record folders present on SharePoint site directly from Attach2Dynamics UI.