Auto Tax Calculator

Integrated with Avalara AvaTax

Automate Tax Calculation for OOB Opportunity, Quote, Order, Invoice or Custom Sales Document


Auto Tax Calculator provides users across all industries with an automated approach to tax calculation directly inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. With this app, you’re sure to eliminate manual calculations, increase accuracy, and save time for your entire team! Get your taxes applied correctly the first time in order to avoid headaches when tax season rolls around. One of the prominent gaps with using Dynamics 365 Sales for invoicing has been the lack of any OOB automation for tax calculation. Auto Tax Calculator App allows managing Tax rates within Dynamics 365 CRM. With Tax details now stored within Dynamics, Tax is auto-calculated each time you create a Opportunity/Quote/Order/Invoice/ Sales Document. You have the option to either manually maintain the tax rates or integrate with AvaTax from Avalara.
Dynamics 365 8.2 and above
On-Premises and Online

Recent Updates

  • Create specific Tax Schedules and Tax Details to calculate taxes
  • Calculate tax for OOB entities or custom Sales Document
  • Integration with AvaTax from Avalara
  • Get Tax calculations based on geolocation using AvaTax

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