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Alerts4Dynamics is a productivity app for creating, scheduling and managing alerts and notifications for different entities in Dynamics 365 CRM. It lets you notify your target audience right within the CRM. You can create multiple messages for a single alert in different languages. And also, define alerts for an individual record or set of records based on rules which can be displayed as notifications indefinitely or for a certain period. These notifications can be accessed from anywhere in the Dynamics 365 CRM.

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Dynamics 365 v9.x & above

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Multiple Alert Types

With the help of Alerts4Dynamics, users can create and manage four different types of alerts viz. announcement, rule-based, record-based, and event-based alerts. Record Based alerts are created for individual records, Rule Based alerts are designed for specific conditions and are further categorized as Simple and Advanced Alerts, Announcements are created at the organization level and are independent alerts that can be viewed from anywhere in the CRM, and Event Based Alerts give users ability to show an alert for any event that happens in the CRM.

Mode of Alerts

With the help of Alerts4Dynamics, alerts can be viewed as pop-ups, form notifications, or can be sent as an email notification to your CRM Users as well as to external audiences i.e., customers. Suppose users want to send alerts to clients in the form of emails, then they can easily do so by setting the mode of alert as ‘Email Notification’. In addition to that, with ‘User Preference’ one can send an alert to the users based on the preferences they have set as a mode to receive an alert.

Alert Levels

Users can categorize the alert levels as Information, Warning, or Critical while configuring the alerts using Alerts4Dynamics. Depending on the urgency of the alerts, users will be able to prioritize their alerts so that the receiver can understand the importance of the alerts.

Multiple Languages

‘Multiple Languages’ feature of Alerts4Dynamics helps users to create an alert message in various languages. So, only those users having the respective language enabled as their CRM’s UI language would be able to see an alert notification created in that specific language.

View Logs of Alerts

Alerts4Dynamics allows the manager/admin to view the log of read/dismissed notifications by users. If the managers want to know whether a user have read the notification or dismissed it, they can simply do so by accessing the log of the notifications.

More Features

Entity Support

Alerts4Dynamics lets users create/manage alerts for OOB as well as Custom Entities in Dynamics 365 CRM.

View Alerts

With the help of Alerts4Dynamics, users can also view alerts from anywhere in Dynamics 365 CRM through Notifications button on the ribbon.

Alert Audience

Alerts4Dynamics allows user to define the audience for an alert; whom to show an alert and whom to skip.

Alert user preference

Alerts4Dynamics gives users the choice to decide how user wants to see an alert i. e. through Pop-ups or Email Notifications.

Dismissible/Non-dismissible alerts

Users have the provision to configure the alerts as dismissible or non-dismissible.

Alert auto-dismissal

Alerts4Dynamics enables users to configure the alerts as auto-dismissible/non-auto dismissible.

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Yes, the alerts and notifications created through Alerts4Dynamics can be seen from anywhere in Dynamics 365 CRM with the help of Notifications button on the ribbon bar.

Alerts can be sent through Emails and displayed as Pop-ups and Form Notifications. There is also an option ‘User Preference’ in which the mode is selected by the recipient of alert i.e. the audience or user to whom the alert is meant for.

Yes, in Alerts4Dynamics user can use all three modes (Pop-ups, Email & Form Notification) at once to send alerts.

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Dynamics 365 v9.x / Dataverse