Maplytics™ is a geo-analytical mapping tool that provides seamless Bing Maps and Dynamics CRM integration with features like Territory Management, Radius Search, Appointment Planner and Routing within Dynamics 365. Maplytics is Certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CfMD) and helps businesses around the world to plot, plan, visualize and analyze Dynamics CRM data on map.


Click2Clone is a productivity app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement which enables users to clone/copy Dynamics CRM records from any OOB as well as custom entity of Dynamics CRM to another including its related child records. By automating and simplifying the process of creating new records, Click2Clone significantly reduces the time spent on repetitive data entry and becomes a strategic enabler of business control and agility.


Click2Export is a productivity tool for Dynamics 365 that allows users to quickly export Dynamics CRM reports/word/excel templates. Reports can be exported to PDF, Word, Excel, CSV or TIFF format. Word Templates can be exported in MS Word or PDF format and Excel Template can be exported to Excel format. Click2Export users can download the exported reports/word/excel templates, attach to a note, attach to an email, auto send the email to required recipient or upload it to SharePoint from within Dynamics 365 CRM.


Attach2Dynamics is a productivity app which integrates Dynamics 365 with Cloud Storages like SharePoint, Dropbox and Azure Blob Storage. It provides users the functionality to drag and drop, browse, and choose multiple files or a folder at a single instance to upload to the Cloud Storage of choice. Apart from uploading or downloading, easy to view UI for viewing all the files & folders in the configured cloud storage against the current record. After uploading, the users can generate sharable link of the file or the folder to provide it in the email directly. Further the users can rename, create, email, delete and preview files/folders in cloud storages.

SharePoint Security Sync

SharePoint Security Sync is a comprehensive solution for integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365/Power Apps with SharePoint for document management. Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes with native integration with SharePoint. With SharePoint Security Sync, the idea is to enhance the user experience and further build upon the integration to make the integration experience seamless between the two systems by not just allowing for associating document folders against CRM records but also sync the security privileges from Dynamics 365 to SharePoint to ensure secure and reliable access to confidential documents stored in SharePoint.

Kanban Board

Kanban Board is a productivity app to visualize your Dynamics 365 and Power Apps data in a Kanban View. With the ability to categorize the data into lanes it helps with a quick review of the records in a card-based view and easily identify the status of the records. A visual tool to move the records across lanes to quickly update the underlying field values. Apart from this it also allows for quick actions shortcuts to record activities against these without too many clicks. Kanban Board is available as a control that you can configure for any View in Dynamics 365 CE and CDS environment.

Round Robin Routing & Assign

Round Robin Routing & Assign is a productivity app that enables systematic allotment/assignment of leads to respective Dynamics 365 CRM users. It helps managers to allocate and distribute incoming leads and customer queries in an organized way. This ensures fair distribution of workload within each team. Automated distribution and assignment improves efficiency which results in higher level of customer satisfaction and in turn higher ROI.


Alerts4Dynamics is a productivity app to create, schedule and manage alerts for different entities in Dynamics 365 CRM. It lets you notify your target audience right within the CRM. You can create multiple messages for a single alert in different languages. Also, define alerts for an individual record or set of records based on rules which can be displayed as notifications indefinitely or for a certain period. These notifications can be accessed from anywhere in the CRM.

Map My Relationships

Map My Relationships is a productivity control that provides Mind Map view of Dynamics 365 CRM data on a form. It helps the users to visualize relationships between Entities or related records in a single view. It provides easy navigation to related records and quickly record various activities like phone call, email or appointment for the related records. Users can thus, get information at a glance leading to quick decisions and swift execution of tasks.

User Adoption Monitor

User Adoption Monitor is a productivity app that monitors and tracks the actions performed by enabled users in Dynamics 365 CRM on various frequency period like daily, weekly, monthly basis. By creating the dashboards users can get the brief details of user actions per Entity/Action/Period and thereby improve the user adoption of Dynamics 365.


InoLink is a cloud based tool that provides integration between Intuit QuickBooks and Dynamics 365. It provides 360 degree view of customer by synchronizing the transaction history and Aging details from QuickBooks to Dynamics 365. Calculate tax for transactions within Dynamics CRM and send Quotes/Orders/Invoices from Dynamics 365 to QuickBooks. Also, sync single instance of Dynamics 365 with one or more QuickBooks Company.


Designed specifically for Software Publishers and Value Added Resellers (VARs), our Subscription Management solution is the ultimate time-saving tool for your entire team. Create invoices with the click of a button and enjoy the accuracy and efficiency of CRM workflows.

recurring billing

Take the guesswork out of your billing process! Managing recurring invoices can be monotonous and time-consuming, but our recurring billing application accurately and efficiently streamlines the process. With flexible billing schedules, payment reminders, and penalty calculations, we’ve transformed tedious manual tasks into an automated, time-saving machine.

Automated Tax Calculator

Auto Tax Calculator provides users across all industries with an automated approach to tax calculation directly inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. With this app, you’re sure to eliminate manual calculations, increase accuracy, and save time for your entire team!


Click2Undo is a productivity app that helps you restore the data to its last known state on a single click. Be it the last change, the changes that were done in the past or restoration of a deleted record, Click2Undo can do it without any hassle.