Available for CRM 2011 On – Premise, IFD and CRM Online


Quick Books from Intuit is one of the most popular accounting package for small and medium industry. Dynamics CRM is one of the most popular CRM systems being deployed by Microsoft consultants.

Linking the two applications has been a crying need for resellers, prospects and end users of Dynamics CRM system and Inogic has come up with the InoLink for Dynamics CRM (any deployments) and Quick Books (On-Premise Pro/ Premium/ Enterprise install starting version 2009).


The InoLink features are:


  • Service-based solution. The service polling time can be configured based on the volume of transactions proccesed at your end
  • Two-way sync of Account/Contact data to QuickBooks customers and vice-versa
  • Ability to bring over Customer Aging details within QuickBooks through configurable poll times for the service
  • Two-way sync of Products and Prices to/from QuickBooks and Dynamics CRM
  • Link existing accounts/ contacts/ products in case same present in both CRM and QuickBooks
  • Ability to promote Quote/Order/Invoice one-time from CRM to QuickBooks. Any updates thereafter made to the transactions in QuickBooks will be imported back into CRM. After promoting the transactions to QuickBooks the first time, these are not available for any updates in CRM as these would then always be synced and replaced with the latest data in QuickBooks


Send us a request further discussions and price list for InoLink: QuickBooks - Dynamics CRM Integration.