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Why DeDupeD?

Importing data in bulk, manual entries by different users, or integration with other platforms like websites or social media channels can result in duplicate entries in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. It can become confusing and difficult to make decisions for Dynamics 365 CRM users with duplicate data in the system. However, utilizing a duplicate merge tool like DeDupeD can significantly enhance productivity and save valuable time. The app eliminates the need for manual detection of duplicates across all selected Dynamics 365 CRM entities using predefined rules. Users can effortlessly merge all duplicate records into a single record. Prevent potential duplicates, detect and merge history duplicates in bulk.  DeDupeD can help eliminate duplicate data, clean up obsolete data by merging historical records in bulk, and fill up missing data in records by merging them.


DeDupeD is a data hygiene app that helps detect, prevent, and merge duplicate records for not only Lead, Contact, Account, or Case but also for any other Dynamics 365 CRM entities (OOB or Custom). This helps ensure data accuracy and consistency. With DeDupeD, you can detect duplicate records within the same entity and across different entities and merge duplicate records of the same entity into one; define rules to minimize and prevent duplication of records; and merge historical duplicate records in bulk. Additionally, the app lets you identify duplicates on changes in fields or columns and also upon saving the record. This data management tool proves helpful in streamlining the data deduplication process for CRM users.

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Duplicate Identification

DeDupeD simplifies duplicate data management for salespeople using Dynamics 365 CRM/Dataverse. It effectively identifies duplicate records, whether they reside within the same entity or span multiple entities. This ensures that sales teams maintain clean and accurate data, even when working with various types of records, such as leads and contacts.

On-Demand Duplicate Identification

Salespeople can easily identify duplicates whenever needed, directly from the entity home grid or the record form. With a simple click on the “Show Duplicates” button, users gain immediate control over identifying and resolving duplicates from any corner of their CRM environment.

Duplicate Prevention

DeDupeD allows users to take preventive measures to minimize the occurrence of duplicates. The app lets you prevent duplicate records on both the client side and the server side. It offers configurable rules and validation mechanisms that help enforce data quality standards, reducing the likelihood of duplicate entries.

Merge Duplicates

With DeDupeD, once you have identified the duplicates, you can remove the duplicates right from the individual record itself by merging them all together. You can select the record you want to keep as a master record while merging so that you can control the information that is retained and removed. This ensures data completeness and prevents data inconsistencies.

Clean-up History Duplicate Records in Bulk

DeDupeD enables the cleaning of history duplicates within Dynamics 365 CRM. Users can run a comprehensive duplicate clean-up process that identifies and merges duplicate records in bulk based on set criteria. This ensures a clean and accurate data environment.

More Features

Custom Rules

Custom Rules

DeDupeD allows you to customize duplicate matching rules depending on your business requirements to capture duplicate records. Helping users fulfill their deduplication needs without any limitations.

Integration and Compatibility

The app seamlessly integrates with Dynamics CRM, leveraging its existing data infrastructure and security measures. No CRM data is shared or processed outside the CRM system.

Process Plan

Impersonated Admin User

The app enables users to find duplicates for records they don’t have access to by impersonating another user within Dynamics 365 CRM.

Exclude Inactive Records

Exclude Inactive Records

DeDupeD can help you exclude inactive records from duplicate identification.

Performance Analysis

Form selection

Activate duplicate detection on specific entity forms as needed.


Fuzzy Matching Method

Detect duplicates even if values in two fields match partially but not exactly.

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