User Adoption is a key driver in the success of any enterprise application implementation and MS Dynamics CRM is no different.


User Adoption Monitor is a must have a productivity tool that should be a part of every Dynamics CRM deployment. It is an easy to configure tool that will allow you to track Dynamics CRM/365 usage by monitoring the actions performed by users in CRM. The tool is intended for managers to oversee the work performed by users and get utilization reports.


It is different from auditing in that, it does not keep a track of the field values modified but the operations performed in CRM like created a lead or made a phone call etc.



Available for:


  • Dynamics CRM: 2011 and above
  • Deployment: On-Premises, Online, and Partner-Hosted.




  • Oversee User Adoption of Dynamics CRM by tracking daily usage
  • Support for monitor on OOB & Custom entities
  • Configure entities and actions to monitor
  • Track usage Daily, Weekly or Monthly
  • Data stored in a format that is easy to report on
  • Usage being monitored in the background without any interruption of on-going activity
  • Leaderboard Dashboards



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