Click2Export is an add-on for Dynamics 365 that helps you to export Dynamics CRM report to PDF, Excel or Word file format with a single click and attach it to an email or note or just download it effortlessly


It is an easy to install add-on with user-friendly User Interface. In a one-click UI, you can export all Dynamics CRM report in PDF or Excel or Word file format and decide the actions that should take place after exporting it.


Available for:

  • Dynamics CRM: 2013 and above

  • Deployment: On-Premise, Online, and Partner-Hosted.

  • Reports from Dynamics 365 / CRM can be exported to PDF or MS Excel or MS Word file format  
  • It is exported and automatically attached to an email as an attachment all in a single click.
  • It can also be exported and stored as a Note attachment in respective Dynamics 365 record 
  • You have the option to request the exported report file to be downloaded as well for offline consumption
  • Configure report templates for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Reports including the filter criteria for record selection
  • Report parameter values are further configurable at the time of report execution to have the report exported based on the values provided
  • Multiple report templates can be configured for a single report
  • Click2Export is available for configuring both Individual as well as organizational report, both can be exported and attached in a single click
  • Quickly create templates for available reports
  • Ability to select multiple records to have the reports exported simultaneously for them
  • Ability to choose if the selected records should be processed and exported in a single report or a separate report generated for each of them.


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