Click2Clone is a productivity add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM that allows users to clone/copy system as well as custom entities in Dynamics CRM with just a single click. It is designed to quickly create new records by cloning an existing Dynamics CRM record thereby reducing the time spent on data entry while creating repetitive records with same data.


Clone feature is currently available in some of the latest versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a select set of entities; here we aim at making this available for most entities across the application.


Click2Clone is an ideal solution in scenarios where the concept of Template needs to be implemented, where a single record is created as a Template to be re-used by quickly copying the data over from it.


Available for


Microsoft Dynamics CRM: 2013 and above, Dynamics 365


Deployment: On-Premise, Online, and Partner-hosted.




Salient Features


  • Offers the ability to clone system as well as a custom entity.
  • Easy to configure with the ability to select the fields to be carried over.
  • Allowed to carry over related records from 1:N and N:N relationship.
  • Quickly clone/copy multiple Dynamics CRM records at a time.



Click2Clone is available on a per user per month basis pricing. Special offers and volume discounting is available. Here, users refer to active Dynamics CRM users defined.


Contact Inogic today at, if you are curious to know more about Click2Clone.


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