Maplytics™ is one of the first geo-analytical mapping apps to be Certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CfMD). Maplytics allows users to plot and visualize Microsoft Dynamics CRM data on a map. It is a robust mapping tool that offers seamless integration between Bing Maps and MS Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. It is an easy to use/install plug and play application made available as a Managed solution within Dynamics 365, and it works seamlessly with all the existing components and functionalities of Dynamics 365.


Maplytics is a preferred geo-analytical mapping solution for Dynamics CRM customers since 2010. It leverages Bing Maps for its seamless and uninterrupted geospatial rendering of MS Dynamics CRM data and offers an extremely cost effective subscription basis solution inclusive of maps paid component. It has been designed to serve multiple user roles with competent CRM data mapping.


Available for:

Version: Dynamics CRM 2011 and above, Dynamics 365

Deployment Model: On-Premise, Online, and Partner-Hosted.

Platform: Desktop and Tablet.

Languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and Turkish

More Info:

  • Maplytics enable users to visualize and plot MS Dynamics CRM data on a map for geographical analysis along with an in-depth drill down capabilities of advanced search and finding data based on Location / Region / Drawing / Territory.                                        
  • Maplytics offers sales territory management, territory mapping & realignment and analysis within Dynamics CRM/365 providing users with actionable insights to boost the revenue for a particular or a group of territories.                                                                     
  • Proximity search capability of Maplytics Narrows-down searches by specifying the proximity based on radius in terms of distance and get results instantly by plotting MS Dynamics 365 views on the map within a pre-defined range. The plotted data can be further saved as Personal Views or exported to Excel for further offline analysis and actions.
  • Save Search criteria like data source, category, proximity search parameters and much more as a template for future reference helping reusability of the similar search criteria to populate the map with details quickly.
  • Plot multiple entity data and related (Child) records on a map for drill-down analysis of a particular record.


  • Build targeted marketing list based on location and maps to localize your marketing efforts. A powerful feature of editing and addition of new records in existing Marketing List based on maps makes marketing relevant and real time.                                     
  • Maplytics helps MS Dynamics CRM sales and service personnel to schedule and manage appointments, schedule day/week/monthly activities and plot them across the routes for efficient and productive visit planning.                                          
  • Heat Maps provide users data analytics and insight about sales performance and marketing effectiveness by finding the density of leads, opportunity, account or any other entity, which further assist in gathering business intelligence on Dynamics CRM/365 data.    
  • Maplytics is a comprehensive Geo-mapping solution for Dynamics CRM/365 ready to guide users to nearby places (POIs), be it an airport, a gas station, or a cafeteria putting the complete power of Bing Maps within Dynamics CRM. The searched POIs in a combination of new account, lead or any custom entity in MS Dynamics CRM helps drive the productivity of Dynamics CRM users by saving time.                                         
  • Maplytics ships with pre-defined interactive dashboards which can be customized and expanded further for enhanced visualization to service, marketing and sales module for all users including managers, CEO, sales personal, service and marketing users.
  • Maplytics is a Multi-Language Geo-Analytics tool that will allow users to use their favorite mapping solution for Dynamics CRM/365 in their preferred language. Maplytics currently supports French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish along with English as the default language. Read More

Maplytics-Map Dynamics CRM


Maplytics-Mapping Solution for Dynamics CRM



Maplytics is a perfect multi-stop route planner and a competent replacement for MapPoint providing a wide variety of location-based functionality with the help of address attributes of the CRM data. Maplytics can help Salesperson in searching customers within a given radius and help them plot the route for multiple meetings in a day.


  • Direction and Route planning for Sales Reps, schedule Appointments using plotted data on Map.
  • Seamless and Intuitive User Interface of interaction between Dynamics CRM and Bing Maps across the desktop, mobile and tablet devices for drive distance and time wise optimized routing and directions in real time.
  • Route finder in Dynamics CRM help users efficiently manage time and place for single or multiple meetings with clients, leads, prospects and customers by utilizing Maps and Routing parameters like; Shortest Time, Avoid highways, Avoid toll roads, POIs.
  • Save, Export or Print Optimized Route and Driving Directions. Share the saved routes via email with your colleagues or your staff for scheduling their service or sales route within Dynamics CRM. Read more

Maplytics is available on a per user per month basis pricing. Special offers and volume discounting is available. Bing Maps Enterprise Edition pricing is included in the solution.

Note : 

Please Extract the downloaded zip file to import the solution. Also allow browser pop ups to proceed with download


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