InoLink: QuickBooks is a bi-directional integration tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Accounting and Dynamics CRM often have related information and maintaining them separately in both systems can often lead to not only data duplication but also data inconsistency. InoLink will allow you to avoid data inconsistency by auto transfer of data entered in one system to the other thereby also reducing the duplication efforts involved in maintaining the same data in two systems. The solution also provides Dynamics CRM users with a 360o view of the Customer Accounting information from right within Dynamics 365 giving them the capability to make informed decisions.


Available for:

Dynamics CRM: 2011, 2013 and above


Deployment: On-Premise, Online and Partner-Hosted


Intuit QuickBooks: 2010 and above, Pro, Enterprise


Deployment: On-Premise


  • Ability to promote and link Customers between the two systems to avoid duplication and double entry of the data.
  • Customer financials specially Aging, Sales transactions and Payment information synched to Dynamics 365 from QuickBooks for sales people for recovery follow ups.
  • Product and Price List sync to allow Price Lists maintained in QuickBooks to be synced to Dynamics CRM to ensure the team is working with the latest rates.
  • Inventory sync to provide the sales people with the exact stock details from within CRM to help them provide accurate details to the customers while placing orders/quotes.
  • Ability to promote Quotes/Sales Order/Invoices from Dynamics CRM to QuickBooks and vice versa giving a seamless Sales to Order to Shipment to Payment workflow.
  • Extended security mechanism for viewing financial data based on Dynamics CRM security profile.
  • Dashboards to view the Sales and Payment history in Dynamics 365.
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InoLink is available on a per user per month basis pricing. Special offers and volume discounting is available. Here, users refer to active Dynamics CRM users defined.



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