Maplytics InfoCentre Launched – User guides, ebooks are Passé

By | December 13, 2015

Maplytics – One of the most comprehensive maps solution integrating your Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premises or online installation with Bing Maps.

First, it was printed hard copies then it moved to e-books, and now in this age of the connected world, it’s all about being always accessible on the Web for anyone at anytime. No installation or downloads or login required. Maplytics

Today we launch Maplytics InfoCenter. Your online guide to one of the most comprehensive Bing Maps integration solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. InfoCentre would be the goto page for any information you may need relating to the product or even to learn more about a feature and how to use it.

We have initiated with some of the most asked questions we come across like:-

This is just the start; we are in the process to enhance this portfolio to other areas like navigation, features, technical FAQ’s, videos, etc.

Everything in Maplytics is now a search away at our Maplytics InfoCentre.

Welcome to our new world!