Configure Maplytics Default values in your Dynamics CRM

By | November 13, 2015

Every business is unique and Maplytics caters to all user personas of Sales, Marketing and Managers providing them with analytical Power of Maps from within your Dynamics CRM on-premises or online.

To map your requirements with Maplytics you need to configure the default values best suited for your business need.

How to Configure Default Values:

To change these go to Settingsà Configuration Details

Note – Only users in the Maplytics Team with the Maplytics admin role will be able to see and edit this option.configure maplytics

Click on Maplytics from Product Name list:maplytics configuration

Configuration Screen is as shown belowconfiguration screen

Here you can set Default values:

Distance Unit: unit in which you want to calculate distance.maplytics configuration

Map Mode: You can set the default Map mode for the map, i.e Road View or Aerial view.maplytics-map mode

Summary Grouping: Here you can set the Summary Grouping options. i.e whether you want to group by City, State, County, Country. These details are used in Heat Map.maplytics configuration

Proxy Settings: If you access internet through a proxy server, you should set the proxy URL from here.maplytics proxy setting

Need to find a Starbucks or hotel while planning your meetings. Use the Maplytics Proximity Search from within your Dynamics CRM to plan your meetings in a better way.

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