Register Maplytics License in your Dynamics CRM

By | November 10, 2015

Business Analytics in Dynamics CRM now has a new name as Maplytics-Dynamics CRM & Bing Map Integration. In our last post, we saw how with few simple steps you can get the Maplytics solution installed in your Dynamics CRM.

In this post will learn how to register Maplytics license and get the power of Bing Maps from within your Dynamics CRM.

To register new/upgrade license:

Please follow the below steps to register Maplytics License:

1. Navigate to Settings -> Customizations -> Solutions -> Select the Maplytics solution -> Configuration screenshot-small

2. Browse for the “Maplytics.Lic” file and click on Register button to register the application for use. The Maplytics license file would be provided to you by us when you request for a trial or buy the product.

3. Once the license is installed, the next step is to go ahead and install the sample dashboards that come along with the product, this also configures the Entity map for your default entities. Make sure you click on Install Samples only the first time you are configuring the product. Once the samples are installed, for license renewals or upgrades, you do not need to follow this step. If you need to re-install the sample dashboards, you can follow steps as shown in this blog post.

4. Before we start exploring further, let’s finish these two points of the checklist.

  • Create Maplytics team with the list of users whom you would like to give access to Maplytics Features. Please note User will see Detail Map and Heat Map ribbon buttons only after they are added to Maplytics Team. 
  • Once the team is setup we need to Assign Maplytics Security Role for those users to access Maplytics Features and we are ready to go. We ship two security roles along with the Product.

After addition to the Maplytics team, the users need to Configure Maplytics organization-wide, default settings.

Unable to Register License? Need help? No worries email us on and we would be happy to help!

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