No need to purchase Bing Maps Licenses for Dynamics CRM

By | December 19, 2015

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Bing Maps integration, organizations can visualize and analyze their Dynamics 365 data on the map to make smarter business decisions with the location-based context of their data. You don’t need to purchase Bing Maps License separately as it is already a part of our geo-analytical mapping tool, Maplytics.
Dynamics CRM Bing Maps Integration

Bing Maps License for Dynamics CRM On-Premises: Microsoft introduced the Bing Maps controls for OOB entities with address fields. However, to get the Bing Maps control to work, you are required to provide the Bing Maps Key. Bing Maps services are not free to be availed in an internal use application and therefore requires you to subscribe to Bing Maps services to get the Bing Map control to work.

The question then that comes to your mind is the type of Bing Maps license required for your on-premises deployment of Dynamics CRM.

Follow this link answer the questions asked here to choose which type of license you need.

Bing Maps License for Dynamics CRM Online: With Dynamics CRM Online you do not need to provide the Bing Maps Key.

Refer this link to learn how you can manage Bing Maps for your Dynamics CRM organization

The question is Why to pay for just Bing Maps Licenses when you can get a Comprehensive Maps solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM which includes Bing Maps Licenses as well.

  • Bing Maps Licenses Already Included – So why not give that extra analytical power to your Sales Team, Marketing and Managers.
  • Supports Both Dynamics CRM On-premises as well as Online – Maplytics is well supported on all Dynamis CRM deployment models namely on-premises, Online and partner-hosted. It supports Dynamics CRM 2011 and above. (Do you know Maplytics has been a trusted solution since CRM v4, we don’t support that version now though!)
  • Works from within Dynamics CRM –Maplytics is a secure mapping tool, which works from within Dynamics 365. It has something for everyone, be it Route planning by optimizing your routes for your Sales Team or build a marketing list using Proximity Search for your marketing team. Along with this, the Managers and in fact all can see Maplytics Dashboards with their daily planning and analytics now on maps within your Dynamics CRM.

Btw, everything in Maplytics is now a search away at our Maplytics InfoCentre. For a free trial or a live demo get in touch with us on