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New Model-Driven App experience for Sharing Entity Rows

Introduction: In the new 2021 release wave 2, Microsoft has introduced a new Unified Interface dialog experience using which users will be able to share rows easily. Let’s check out! Go to the table’s home grid and select the rows that you want to share. For example, I have selected Account table rows as shown… Read More »

Enable “Send Direct Email” button in Unified Interface

Introduction “Send Direct Email” button allows to send an email to multiple recipients by using email templates. Also known as direct or bulk emailing. This feature was only available in Classic UI. Now, “Send Direct Email” button is also supported in Unified Interface. By default, the direct email feature is disabled. An administrator must enable the direct email feature. Enable… Read More »

Tip to Filter Customer Field depending on ‘Type of Customer’ in Dynamics 365 UCI

Introduction Recently, we faced an issue in UCI where we had to filter customer field depending on Type of customer. Here, the requirement was as follows: If the type of customer is account then the customer field should show Account entity records only. If the type of customer is contact then the customer field should… Read More »

How to rearrange traditional sub-grid in Dynamics 365 CRM Unified Interface

Introduction Dynamics 365 CRM Unified Interface version 9.x. and above has brought many changes in the UI forms. This has made forms more appealing to eyes when used on different sized screens. You must have experienced the different behavior of sub-grid while operating on different screens (like Web, Tablet, Phone, etc.) For example, when you… Read More »

Use of Relative URLs in Dynamics 365 CRM Classic Web & Unified Interface SiteMap

Introduction In this blog, we’ll see how to use Relative URLs in Dynamics 365 CRM Classic Web, and Dynamics 365 CRM Unified Interface, and the difference between the two while opening a Relative URL. There are some entities in Dynamics 365 CRM which are not directly available or accessible on the SiteMap (e.g. Document Template,… Read More »

How to Detect Dataset PCF control is set for Home grid or Sub grid

Introduction In this blog, we will see how to identify whether the current Dataset PCF control is used for home grid or sub grid of Dynamics 365 CRM. Problem: Create one Dataset PCF control and set that control on Account entity home grid. In this control read the current entity home grid records using view… Read More »