Enable “Send Direct Email” button in Unified Interface

By | June 12, 2020


Send Direct Email” button allows to send an email to multiple recipients by using email templates. Also known as direct or bulk emailing. This feature was only available in Classic UI.

Now, “Send Direct Email” button is also supported in Unified Interface. By default, the direct email feature is disabled. An administrator must enable the direct email feature.

Enable Direct Send Email Button:

1. Click on Advanced Settings button.

Send Direct Email

2. Go to Setting > Administration.

Send Direct Email

3. Open the System Settings dialog box.

Send Direct Email

4. Navigate to “Email” tab and enable the direct email feature by selecting Yesfor Enable Send Direct Email Action in Unified Interface for Send Email enabled entities on the Email tab.

Send Direct Email

Note: Above setting is not yet available in Power Platform admin center.

To send email to multiple recipients:

  1. In the site map for the model-driven app, select an entity to which you want to send email. For example, Contacts.
  2. In the list of records, select the contacts you want to send an email to.
  3. On the command bar, select Send Direct Email.

Send Direct Email

4. In the Send Emailpane, select an email template from the Template list.

Send Direct Email


If you have multiple records that span across multiple pages, you can select one of following options from the “To” list:

  • All records on current page: Sends the email to all records displayed on the current page.
  • All records on all pages: Send the email to all the stored records.

5. Select Send.

Send Direct Email


So many users are using “Send Direct Email” button in their business and missing this button in UCI may affecting flexibility so now they can easily use “Send Direct Email” button by enabling feature in UCI.

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6 thoughts on “Enable “Send Direct Email” button in Unified Interface

  1. Gerald Dahl

    Thank you for posting this tip. Any idea when this feature will work in Power Platform?

    1. Inogic


      This feature is available for Power Platform CDS environment as well.

      Hope that helps,

  2. Danish

    What are the criteria for sending email through the Send Direct Email Button in a custom entity?
    I have enabled the button but Email is not going when I am sending an email through this button.

    Please help me out.

    1. Inogic

      Please make sure “Activities +” and “Sending email (if an email field does not exist one will be created) +” checkboxes are checked on a custom entity for which you are trying to send email using the “Send Direct Email” button.

      Note: As you can see in the above screen clip, once these options are enabled you won’t be able to revert the same. So we will recommend trying first in a non-production environment.

      Hope this works for you!

    1. Inogic

      Hi Bharath,

      Send Email Dialog box is an OOB feature and currently not available for customization. So it is not possible to add the “CC/BCC” field in the same.

      Hope this helps!

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