Bulk Update records in Resco Mobile App within Dynamics 365/CRM and more!

Resco Woodford has introduced a new feature in the latest release i.e., the Bulk Update option on view. This feature is available in the latest version on Woodford i.e., 15.1. Till now there was no functionality to update multiple records in a single click same as a web client. Now this “Bulk Update” feature shall… Read More »

Seamless Report Customization & Execution with Resco Mobile App and Power Automate

The Resco Mobile App provides a valuable feature that enables users to customize reports through the Resco Report Tool. This tool constructs a report in the form of a template, storing it within the CRM system. Within a form, there is a command named “Run Report,” which grants users the choice to initiate the report… Read More »

How to overcome the issue of ‘clear fields value’ of Bulk Update command in Resco Mobile App

Resco Woodford has introduced a new feature in the latest release i.e., the Bulk Update option on the view which allows us to select multiple records and to perform Bulk Edit from the mobile app as well. Note: This feature is available in version 15.1 or later of the Woodford and Resco Mobile CRM App.… Read More »

Open SMS application with predefined details from Resco Mobile App

Introduction Sometimes while working with the Resco Mobile app, there may be situations where we need to send a SMS to a specific client based on certain conditions; for instance like creating Booking related for Account or Technician started travelling toward the address to visit. So, in order to achieve this, previously there was no… Read More »

Execute JS within rules on the Field Service Mobile for Dynamics 365 Field Service

Introduction: Field Service technicians use Field Service Mobile application which provides brief information related to the Work Order, Booking and Service location. And, Woodford application allows us to help customize the Field Service Mobile application based on the business requirements for each organization. Woodford customization application provide various ways to automate process so that technician… Read More »

Opening an iFrame in a Modal Dialog with Custom Parameters in Resco Mobile App

Sometimes working with the Resco Mobile app, we need an Iframe to open programmatically within the application same as Dynamics 365 CRM. For example, opening a web resource in a window on click of a custom ribbon button, we can add the same functionality in Resco Mobile App as well. In order to open child… Read More »

Using Barcode or QR Code Scanner Control in Custom HTML Page in Resco Mobile App

Introduction Recently we had a business requirement where we needed to scan the barcode/QR Code of the Customer Asset entity record so it can show its information on the HTML page on the home screen of the Resco Mobile App. To achieve this, we followed the below steps: 1. We developed an HTML Page with… Read More »