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Sales Literature in Dynamics CRM

Sales literature stores all the sales information which is used for sales team like brochures, promotional materials and other sales literature materials. Creating Sales Literature- So now we will see how to create and use sales literature in sales process. To create sales literature in Dynamics CRM Go to – Sales → Sales Literature àNew Enter […]

Programmatically create folders and upload files in SharePoint Server 2013 through Plug-in/Workflow

Introduction: Dynamics CRM has native integration with Sharepoint so that Sharepoint can be used as the document management tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The Document management integration however is restricted to associating Dynamics CRM Records to Sharepoint folders and displaying them from within Dynamics CRM. All files need to be uploaded manually by the user […]

Iterating and Processing Records in Dynamics CRM using SSIS

Introduction: SSIS provides us a seamless way for data integration. Data can be easily extracted, transformed and merged from source to different destination. In one of our recent post we explained about Exporting Data from Dynamics CRM using SSIS. Let us see one such scenario in SSIS where we need to get data from one […]