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Introducing Custom API – The New Way of Creating Custom Actions in Dataverse

Custom Actions are one of the most useful methods of creating custom messages in Dynamics 365 CRM. Custom Actions enables us to create our own messages where we could register the plugin step the same way we register the Plugin step on Create, Update, Qualify Lead, etc. messages. Microsoft has now brought an extension for… Read More »

Open Lookup Field Form in the same context of the Main Form within Dynamics 365 CRM/Power Apps

Introduction With the recent wave release of Microsoft, there is a new enhancement added to enrich the adding of New or editing the Exiting Lookup Record from the main entity record. This feature is called Main Form Dialog (MFD). In this, if we have any lookup field on the form and we want to add… Read More »

Using Entity Extraction AI Model within Dynamics 365 CRM / Power Apps – Part 1

Introduction: What comes in your mind first when you think of the Entity Extraction AI model? You might relate this with entities of Model Driven apps. However, this is not something related to it. Entity here does not demonstrate the entities we see in Model Driven Apps in Dynamics CRM but they are nouns like… Read More »

How to Find Next Month and Previous Month using Power Automate within Dynamics 365 CRM

Introduction In this blog, we are checking how we can calculate the next/previous month’s date time from today’s date time or calculate the next/previous month’s date time from the selected date. There is no direct way or predefined function to calculate the next/previous month in Power Automate. However, we can achieve this process using the… Read More »

#ScottishSummit2021: Lets build our existing Dynamics 365 / PowerApps skills and gain new ones – Get your FREE tickets now!

  2021 begins with a ray of new hope and new beginning. We are already into the second month of 2021, the change continues. But some changes are good, right? Like being able to learn from the best in the community right from your home! We are talking about the upcoming virtual event ‘Scottish Summit’,… Read More »

How to show Custom Ribbon Button while working offline on Mobile Device

Introduction: Microsoft has provided the mobile offline feature to work with our data in offline mode even when we don’t have internet access. Mobile Offline features allows us to work with commands like create, read, update, and delete. Mobile offline features are currently available for iOS and Android devices. You can refer the below link… Read More »

Check access to a Dynamics 365 CRM record using ‘Check Access’ button

Introduction: The most common issue that user faces while working on entity records is the access issue. Due to insufficient privilege, user sometimes finds it difficult to work on the records. So, to overcome this and let user themselves know the assigned privileges, Microsoft has added a new button on the records called ‘Check Access’… Read More »

Enable/Disable Customer Asset Validation within Dynamics 365 CRM Field Service

Introduction Field Service for Dynamics 365 CRM provides various settings to be configured as per the different business requirements. Field Service Setting is the key feature while working with Field Service in Dynamics 365 CRM provided by Microsoft where we can define the default behavior for our organization. In this blog, we will look into… Read More »

Show custom help panes based on logged in user’s language within Dynamics 365 CRM / Power Apps

Introduction If a user is new to any system, a help content of that application helps them to understand that application. If there is a help section, users could be self-sufficient in solving their own queries and would not need to wait for others to explain how the system is working. The Custom help panes… Read More »