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How to solve 500 internal server error using Dynamics CRM web resource (HTML) as a redirect URL

Overview Recently, I was working on functionality where we needed to generate access and refresh tokens for third-party apps in Dynamics CRM 365. I had a button on the ribbon bar that would send an OAuth/ authorize request to the third-party app to get an authorization code, which would be returned to a specified redirect… Read More »

Working with String (RESX) web resource in Dynamics 365 v9.0

Introduction: As we all know the new release of Dynamics 365 i.e v9.0 has come up with many new features. Along with these features Microsoft also introduced below new web resources for Dynamics CRM. Vector Format (SVG) String (RESX) In this blog, we are going to check how to work with web resource type “String… Read More »

Add WebResource to the Sitemap using Dynamics 365 Site Map editor

Introduction: Until Dynamics 365, editing of the Site Map usually required the use of the popular Site Map Editor Plugin from XRM Toolbox. The plugin provided a visual editor with an easy way to modify the sitemap. The traditional way of editing Site Map required editing the XML tags that was error prone, and therefore… Read More »

Show HTML Webresources in Charts within Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

Introduction: For a long time now, perhaps from version 2011 of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we could design charts and these charts are displayed as a contextual pane beside the views that display the requested charts using the data currently being displayed in the View. It is only recently that we discovered a hidden gem, the… Read More »

How to show signature accepted using Pen Control in Reports & HTML web resources – Dynamics CRM/365

Introduction In our earlier blog, we explained about how we can use newly introduced Pen control in Dynamics 365. This is an impressive feature, which helps to capture the signature on mobile and tablet devices. While working with Pen control, we came up with couple of questions, Display the drawing/signature on the report For example,… Read More »

Using External Fonts in Dynamics 365

Introduction There are various scenarios where we need to develop client extensions in Dynamics CRM to achieve our task. HTML web resources can make a huge difference in Dynamics CRM when we want to create custom web pages to extend our business logic. Web pages with custom fonts give us that added advantage needed to… Read More »

Programmatically Publish Customizations in Dynamics CRM

Introduction: In Dynamics CRM, to make the entity customization changes visible it is important to “Publish” the customization. The customization could be changes to the entity metadata or form design or adding buttons to the ribbon bar. You can also import solutions that update the customizations and publish them. Scenario: In one of the processes… Read More »

Deep Linking for Dynamics CRM Tablet Client

Introduction With Dynamics CRM Tablet client now supporting web resource on tablet client, it is now also possible to open the CRM record through a hyperlink in the web resource. It has been a common requirement that the custom web resources have the need to provide a link to the actual records being displayed. Until… Read More »

Tricks to Resolve Common Scripting Errors on Dynamics CRM Mobile Forms

Introduction: There are some common mistakes which we do while scripting which forms an error on Dynamics CRM mobile forms. For instance, while adding ribbon buttons on the form there are possibilities of mistakes made by us which does not form an error on Web form but we can get an error on Mobile form.… Read More »