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Using External Fonts in Dynamics 365

Introduction There are various scenarios where we need to develop client extensions in Dynamics CRM to achieve our task. HTML web resources can make a huge difference in Dynamics CRM when we want to create custom web pages to extend our business logic. Web pages with custom fonts give us that added advantage needed to… Read More »

Customization Preview Enhancement in Dynamics CRM 2016

Introduction: In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Form customization is where we customize our form, change the form properties, and change settings of fields. After doing changes in form customization, we can preview changes done in the form without saving and publishing changes. This can be done just by clicking on the preview button and selecting the… Read More »

Show Dynamics CRM Data Publicly Using Power BI

Introduction: We have already shown how to integrate Dynamics CRM and Power BI in our previous blog. Since Power BI has proved to be a powerful visualization tool for Dynamics CRM users, we can use Power BI in multiple ways to analyze our business data. Consider a scenario where we want to generate a chart… Read More »

UrlRewriteModule error while Installing Dynamics CRM 2016 On-premises

Introduction: Anyone would imagine Dynamics CRM installation to be a task as simple as downloading and executing the setup file and stepping through the wizard and its done!! But No!! It’s not always done While it would work smoothly on some systems, it would error on others and this was one of the errors we… Read More »

Display Survey Questions Conditionally for Voice of Customer in Dynamics CRM 2016

Introduction: Voice of the Customer is a new feature, which was introduced in Dynamics CRM 2016. We have already discussed on how to create survey and survey activity in one of our previous blog. In this blog we are going to talk about how we can display Survey Questions conditionally using Response Routing in Voice… Read More »

Execute the Global Action Using Web API in Dynamics CRM

Introduction: We have already discussed how to perform entity specific custom action using Web API in one of our earlier blog. But when we want an action to be performed on multiple entities, we need to create a global action. Create global action:- Go to Settings → Processes → Click New then select category as “Action” and entity… Read More »

Different Areas in Dynamics CRM Where Users Can Access External Pages

Introduction There could be different scenarios where client may want to view, access, or pass data to external pages from within Dynamics CRM. External pages refer to the pages that are not part of Dynamics CRM. It can be defined as pages that you can access via an internet (with an extension like .aspx, .html,… Read More »

How to Delete Component from Managed Solution in Dynamics CRM 2016?

Introduction How can we remove unwanted component from managed solution, which is installed at client environment? This question can strike you when there is a requirement to delete component, which you think is either no longer usable or should not be part of managed solution. Suppose you provided your managed solution to client and there… Read More »

Set Email Signature using Workflow in Dynamics CRM 2016 Update 1

Introduction: Email signature is an integral part of every email that we exchange. It adds a professional touch to our Emails. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Update 1 introduced Email Signature as an out of the box entity.  So that user can save time and be consistent in response. Previously, to add signatures in their emails user… Read More »

Insights for Basics of Knowledge Articles in Dynamics CRM 2016

Microsoft has introduced a new knowledge management system for Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update and Dynamics CRM 2016 On-Premises. This new system enables users to create rich knowledge articles, which also supports embedding external multimedia content like images and videos in the form of links. It also allows translations and versioning for the articles. You… Read More »

Voice of Customer for Dynamics CRM 2016

Voice of the Customer is a new Dynamics CRM 2016 feature that was created to capture feedback regarding your product or service from CRM. With Voice of the Customer, we can easily set up surveys, distribute them to contacts via workflows, and capture responses. This captured data can be utilized for generating reports, and making… Read More »

Set Up ADX Studio Portals for Dynamics CRM

The following instructions will help you to set up Adxstudio Portal websites for your Dynamics CRM. You would require ADX Studio setup before getting started with configuring ADX Portal for your Dynamics CRM. ADX Studio Setup is available for download on below link: After downloading and installing ADX Studio setup. Go to the installed… Read More »

Multi-language support for custom solutions in Dynamics CRM

For as long as I remember Microsoft Dynamics CRM has always provided support for multiple languages. This means that labels throughout CRM would appear in the language of your choice. You can have multiple languages installed in CRM apart from the base language. Each user has the choice to choose the language of their choice… Read More »

Enhanced SLA Extended For Other Entities in Dynamics CRM 2016 Update 1

Introduction: In earlier versions of CRM, the SLA feature was only applied to the Case Entity. Now, with Dynamics CRM 2016 Update 1 release, you can enable Enhanced SLA for other entities as well. Below are the entities for which you can enable SLA in CRM: Contact, Account, Lead, Opportunity, Quote, Order, Invoice. Custom Entities… Read More »

Retrieve Updated Dynamics CRM Rollup Attribute Value in Plug-in/Workflow

Introduction: Rollup Feature is one of the interesting feature and we have already discussed about how we can make use of rollup attributes of CRM to ease our calculations in our previous blog. Retrieving rollup attribute values is not same as we do for the other attributes. Rollup attributes are used to minimize our efforts… Read More »

Introduction of Customer type field in Dynamics CRM 2016 Update 1

Introduction: For years we came across various fields similar to lookup fields but with data types such as customer and activity party which did look like lookup fields and also their functionality has been designed on the conceptual architecture of the lookup field. These type of fields were only present out of the box in… Read More »

Insert Signature in Dynamics CRM 2016 Update 1 Email – An OOB Functionality

Introduction Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Update 1 has come up with many new features. Before this 2016 Update 1 came, we needed some customization to add signatures to email. You may refer this blog in order to know how to add signatures to emails in Dynamics CRM. With release of Dynamics CRM 2016 Update 1,… Read More »

Company News Timeline for Phones and Tablets in Dynamics CRM 2016 Update 1

In Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update 1, a new feature of Company News Timeline is introduced for Phones and Tablets. You can now view news related to an Account, Lead, Contact, or Opportunity in the CRM app on your mobile device from Bing news by installing Company News Timeline solution. This solution is available globally… Read More »

Web API Enhancements in Dynamics CRM Update 1

Introduction: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 introduced a new concept called Web API which can be used across wide variety of devices, programming languages and platforms. With the release of Update 1 for CRM 2016, few enhancements were added in this. In this blog, explained about Enhancements of Web API which is more helpful for the… Read More »

Action Performed on Case & Activities in Dynamics CRM Interactive Dashboards

Introduction CRM 2016 includes interactive dashboards, which were specifically advantageous for the service agents providing better customer service. This newly integrated feature of Interactive Service Hub introduced in CRM 2016 was discussed in one of our earlier blogs. This new interface for accessing Dynamics CRM data provides organized view of entities. It allows focusing on… Read More »